Boone’s Farm…..could get big!

T. Boone Pickens is a Texas Oil man. He has been hawking a plan to save America from dependence on foreign oil through his paid “Public Service Announcements”. At first blush, it would be easy to suggest that Boone is busy pushing his plan for Natural gas, Solar and Wind Power because he has some of his own money in those things.

This morning Boone was interviewed on CNBC prior to his given testimony before Congress. Boone mentioned that 38% of our Fossil Fuel needs come from Commercial, Trains or Buses in  this country which accounts for $350 billion a year that goes to Arab Sheiks and other oil countries. Boone is suggesting that we move those vehicles out of Diesel and Gasoline and
put them into Natural Gas. Now one might be eager to suggest that his reasoning is based purely on his personal engagement with Natural Gas. We believe however that this idea is about 30 years late. It should have been done and could have been done during the last run up in oil…back in 1978! Now that the cost is edging toward a Trillion dollars a year…perhaps it is time to pay attention!

Boone says that there would be positive side effects to his plan which includes higher gas mileage for passenger cars and a greater engagement on Solar and Wind Power. Boone says he is making this plea because the two Presidential candidates have yet to mention what they might do regarding our dependence of foreign oil….and he wants to know what position they might have on “The Plan”! “This should be a major discussion for both candidates..” he suggests. “We can’t drill our way out of this!” he repeats often!

Now, it might be easy to simply say that T. Boone Pickens just wants to “feather his own nest”…pick up where Enron, Ken Lay and Jeff Skillings left off. Yet, when you look at how the speculators yanked our chain…up to $147 dollar a barrel oil.. perhaps, common sense might be looked at as a possible option.  We wish Mr. Pickens is about time that we did something that could address our dependence on foreign oil.

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