SAPD going after illegal fireworks again this year

Santa Ana cops began to crack down on illegal fireworks in 2007, according to the O.C. Register.  I find that hard to believe but I guess we have to take the SAPD at their word.

Supposedly the SAPD will have about 20 cops and 8 arson investigators working on the 4th of July to bust those who are using illegal fireworks.

California fire authorities are freaking out this year about fireworks because the state is so dry.  Those are valid concerns but legal fireworks are not normally the problem – not when the legal fireworks are used as they are intended to be used.

“In 2006, Santa Ana police arrested 59 people and confiscated 2,400 illegal fireworks. The following year, the focus shifted to confiscating the illegal fireworks, which resulted in 16,000 illegal fireworks taken off the streets and three arrests,” according to the O.C. Register.

My neighborhood, in north Santa Ana, was replete with illegal bottle rockets last year.  I can only imagine what central Santa Ana was like.  Let’s see if this year is any different.

I believe in allowing the use of legal fireworks but those using illegal fireworks absolutely should be dragged off to jail and heavily fined.  I have no mercy for those that sell or use such fireworks.  Hopefully the SAPD won’t either.

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