Rosie Avila surprisingly within striking range of Loretta Sanchez

Results of 47th Congressional District Primary

It is hard to take SAUSD Trustee Rosie “God is mad at Santa Ana” Avila seriously, but the total number of votes she garnered in the primary yesterday, for the 47th Congressional District, was somewhat close to what the incumbent, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, tallied (see the graphic above).

If you look at the numbers in the other contested congressional districts in Orange County, no other race came nearly as close. For example, take a look at the results in the 42nd Congressional District (see the graphic below).

Gary Miller versus the Democrats

The results weren’t close. Even if you add all of the Democratic votes cast, that comes only to about 7,000 votes, whereas the incumbent Republican, Gary Miller, netted over 22,000 votes. The Democratic nominee, Ed Chau, has NO CHANCE at victory in the general.

Results of the 46th Congressional District Primary

Let’s take a look at one more race. In the 46th Congressional District, the combined Democratic votes were about 6,500, but the incumbent Republican, Dana Rohrabacher, and his challenger Ron St. John, netted over 29,000 votes. The Democratic nominee, Debbie Cook, appears to have no chance in November.

All that said, it does appear that Avila is withing striking range of Sanchez, over in the 47th Congressional District. And that is not something I would have predicted. Of course this was a very low turnout election. I am sure November’s results will be far different. But today Avila can feel somewhat hopeful, while Chau and Cook have an uphill mountain to climb.

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