O.C. Fair Board still getting too many “free” concert tickets!

Greedy pig Republicans

“Warned repeatedly by the state to alter its practice of handing out free tickets to some of the summer’s hottest concerts, the Orange County Fair Board on Thursday adopted a more conservative policy that will limit each board member to 10 complimentary tickets for each of the concerts at the Pacific Amphitheatre,” according to the L.A. Times.

Ten tickets each?  How is that a fair concert ticket policy?  Who do these board members think they are?  There are nine board members.  This new policy means that almost 100 tickets will be set aside for these greedy commissioners – and we the public will not only be prevented from getting the best seats but will also be stuck with the bill when these valuable tickets are given to the fair board members instead of being sold.

I wonder if the fair board members will still stuff their faces at our expense too?  Local newspapers reported that the fair board members were eating gourmet meals at taxpayers’ expense.  Not fair!  Let them pay through the nose for expensive, greasy fair food like the rest of us do!

A fair ticket policy would give no more than two tickets to each board member and the ability to buy perhaps four more tickets at face value.  There is NO good reason to hand out so much pork to these egotistical elites.  Furthermore, the fair board members who have been ripping us off for years ought to resign in disgrace!

Well, I guess Red County editor Matt “Jubal” Cunningham will still be going to O.C. Fair concerts for free as his fellow Republicans on the Fair Board will no doubt hook him and OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh up with free tickets whenever they ask for them.  Shame on them!  I hope they finally start reporting these “free” tickets on their tax returns as income!

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