John Travolta and Robin Williams filmed at the Santa Ana Zoo this week

John Travolta and Robin Williams are filming movie scenes at the Santa Ana Zoo this week, according to the O.C. Register.  Apparently the Zoo closed on Tuesday through today so the actors could do their thing.

I wonder what they thought as they drove through Santa Ana?  They could not have missed the “China-Mex Buffet” on First St.  Or the DMV on First and Grand (with its horribly long lines). And i’m sure they felt like there were in L.A., with all our graffiti and shopping carts on display.

The movie being shot at the Santa Ana Zoo is called “Old Dogs.”  Travolta and Williams play two friends and business partners who find their lives turned upside down when they are placed in the care of 7-year-old twins, according to

Sounds like a typical Disney movie, which it is.  And it sure is nothing like one of Travolta’s action movies, “Battlefield Earth,” where he played an evil alien from a book by the founder of the religion Travolta adheres to, Scientology.

I think Travolta should have worn his alien gear while hanging out in Santa Ana – just so the gang bangers would give him a wide berth.

I hope Travolta and Williams enjoyed their stay in Orange County’s grungy “Downtown.”  I wonder if Mayor Miguel Pulido tried to get them to buy one of his pal Robert Bisno’s overpriced “luxury” condos?

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