Historic night for America!

Extras off stage…..bring on the stars! 32,000 Obama supporters crowded the St. Paul Auditorium tonight 17,000 inside and upwards of 16,000 outside watching the festivities on Jumbotrons! An American Black Man for the first time in history will represent a major party in this country for President of the United States! Barack Obama beat the 2118 delegate total needed to get the nomination. The initial number was 2123…but it quickly went up from there to 2156. The Obama acceptance speech was first cabin quality and set a strong tone that John McCain will have to reach deep into his gut…to try and approach in intensity and clarity. When you think of great moments in American History…this will certainly rate high on the list of firsts.

We congratulate Senator Obama for this very historic achievement. What happens now can either supplant his bid or ruin it. The Senator has his future in his own hands. Who he chooses as his Vice President will be extremely important to his campaign. More than most candidates….Obama’s choice will be pivotal. If he chooses Hillary…he will lose all his Conservative Republican base and most of his Independent voters. We will be hoping that Obama is as sharp as we think he is and will choose a Conservative Democrat male. Hard to find…..but we are hopeful.

Obama is truly a charasmatic figure….that draws people to him and relates a strong sense of youth and honesty. Obama brings a sense of now to this campaign. Not “back then” or “many years from now”….there is a great sense that something will in fact change if he is elected. As scary as “change” is…there is something reassuring in his demeanor. We will see!

Hillary gave an earlier “Victory” Speech….which highlighted her many achievements and years of efforts to same all of man and womankind! Sadly, she refused to Congratulate Senator Obama on his clinching of the nomination. Additionally, she is asking her supporters to help either retire her campaign debt and help her fight on….in spite of obvious loss. What can she be thinking? Not knowing when to get off stage has become a Clinton trademark! She let out word through surrogates that she might want to be Vice President. She now wants people to answer a survey on her website to decide what to do NOW! Our answer is: Finish your term as Senator Hillary!

It was too bad that Hillary didn’t understand how historic a night this was…. and that she was truly the 2nd Banana again!

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