Yes, you CAN comment anonymously on the new Orange Juice blog!

I have received a few emails this week from faithful Orange Juice readers who don’t think you can comment anonymously on our new blog. Never fear! You CAN post anonymously on this blog. Here’s what you have to do – make up a name and email and post your comment. It will go to our administrators for moderation, so we can filter out comments laden with the “F” word. Unlike the red and blue blogs in town we DO approve 99% of posted comments.  (Try to rip Matt/Jubal Cunningham on Red County and see how long your post lasts before the ever-petulant Cunningham deletes it).

Lastly, a big thank you to Sarah Michelle Spinosa, our co-blogger. She has spent weeks working day and night to update this blog to the version you are reading now. I cannot thank her enough. There is no way I could have done all this on my own.

I understand there is some consternation out there, but please be patient. Our new blog format is A LOT more powerful than our old format. It will allow us to do what we do on an even grander scale. Thanks for reading the Orange Juice blog.

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"Admin" is just editors Vern Nelson, Greg Diamond, or Ryan Cantor sharing something that they mostly didn't write themselves, but think you should see. Before December 2010, "Admin" may have been former blog owner Art Pedroza.