Time to Crush your SUV!

The shortages in barrels of oil available…..along with our great reduction of refining capacity…….along with growth of “Emerging Markets – China and India”….along with lack of Regulations regarding major Public Transportation vehicles……along with aging non-fuel efficient Airplanes, Trucks and Rail vehicles, along with speculation in the Energy Markets on the various Stock Exchanges around the world……have united into the perfect storm which almost guarantees $6 dollar a gallon gasoline and $8 dollar a gallon diesel fuel.

So, what does this all mean? The price of Airline tickets will double very quickly. The price of transportation across our nation will double. The cost of goods and services will skyrocket by a minimum of 33% across the board. Add to this the Public Bankruptcies to come i.e., Vallejo, California and the continued slide in Real Estate values around the country…..and we are talking a serious hit on Public Services and Safety budgets.

So, who is at fault? President George Bush? Not exactly! The Congress? Not exactly! The Capitalistic System? Not exactly! The unplanned expansion of of Third World countries? Not exactly! No, we can blame the Oil Companies, we can blame the Oil Producers, we can blame each other….but all of that will do us no good. Should we blame those that didn’t want to use “Alternative Fuels” 20 years back? Not if you look at the Global effect the use of Ethanol is now having on the World Food Supply. So, what should the Energy Piglets of the United States do now?

Well, we need to take serious action! We need to ban those “Gas Guzzling SUV’s”! No more sold in the United States ever! No more “Gas Guzzling” 3/4 Ton Monster Pick-ups except for Commercial use that requires NO personal use….ever! We need to Regulate Energy Companies to sustain affordable energy for residential customers! This should be a Federal Mandate! Everyone in the United States should have the ability to pay their electrical or heating bill…..every month! Water, Electricity, Gas and Roads should be the perview of either Cities, Counties, States or the Federal Governments. We need a base to grow from…and without controls and regulations on these markets….everyone will soon be priced out of the market. This is except those few rich people that are left. By the way, if you want to buy an SUV that is banned: Sure, go right ahead: but pay an 100% Energy Tax! Used SUV’s should be charged three times the normal License fee until they are 10 years old or older. The same goes for the Monster Pick-up Trucks used for personal use!

We need a new CARB (California Air Resources Bureau) Rule which says: Any NEW car sold in the State of California must get 50 Miles Per Gallon or more beginning immediately!

The time has come to crush our SUV’s….and move on to a new world of technological demands for Automobile Manufacturers around the world.

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