So How do You make a Movie?

The local Newport Beach Film Festival…celebrated its
9th Anniversary this year during its run – April 24th to May 1st, 2008.
We were curious and decided this year to request Press Credentials and
cover the gala extravaganza.

A larger and larger number of known movie stars have become part of this
very interesting event. Tom Berenger and Michael Biehn for example were
starring in a production callled “Stiletto”. We unfortunately didn’t see
any of the films but what we did do…was to talk to 15 different film
makers from all around the country that had brought either a short, a
documentary or a feature film for the approval of the public.

If you have an interest in knowing about the Newport Beach Film Festival
and didn’t have the chance to get out there to Edwards/Regal Cinemas at
Fashion Island… might want to take a look at our one hour and 23
minute report from the front. Some very interesting people. Some that
you might even know…others that you will only see years later when they
become famous. If you want to view the Newport Beach Film Festival –
“through our eyes report” from the Cutting Edge – a talk show!
just copy and paste below:
Then Click on Newport Film Fest!

You will need Microsoft Media Player…which is
available at no cost if you don’t have it.

For those that don’t know…the City of Newport Beach has sanctioned
this great event with the support of many “silent angels” in our community.
It was however, a not so “silent angel”, legendary Sports Agent; Leigh
Steinberg that had to step up a few years back and lend not only his
name but lots of cash to make this a now superior event for the community
and for the visiting film makers.

Gregg Schwenk is currently the Executive Director of the Newport Beach
Film Festival and has had to step up large in the face of dealing with
an array of volunteers, paid staff and while still dealing with pricey
and sensitive egos! It’s a tough job and Gregg deserves whatever kudos
that are more than forthcoming.

What we discovered was a group of very interesting creative types that
totally enjoyed sharing their creative fervor with the public and the
judges that gleefully awarded a variety of entrants. If you want to see
the list of usual suspects… Just go to: …take a look at this
page and get over to where the awards are located. Our show, “So, how do
you make a movie?” at the Newport Beach Film Fest doesn’t tell you the
winners or losers. Everyone we interviewed was a worthy creative type that
was willing to share lots of insider info and knowledge that you would never
hear about on the Academy Awards or Golden Globes! We even were able to
add several of the Film Makers clips and trailers..just plain informative
and fun! Especially, if you always wanted to know more about the film biz!

Don’t forget:
Just copy and paste and click on Newport Film Fest.

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