Obama Strikes Fear into Fox News!

Was anyone as sickened as we were to watch the Hillary/Bill O’Reilly interview
the last couple of nights? The pandering was obnoxious…the kissy, kissy, cutezy
laughing and joking makes you wonder why they pay this guy six figures! We know why
they payoff the major media….so we guess O’Reilly has now made the big time. What’s
next Hannity doing a barbecue with Hillary at her home?

In the meantime, talk about trying to bury Obama…..with Jeremiah Wright! How
much redundant bull should be allowed to be pushed down the throats of the American
public? What’s next….Obama and Wright exchanging pleasantries in a public bathroom? Ridiculous! Who cares who Hillary knows? Who cares how many felons
Bill Clinton has received money from? Who cares how many times Bill Clinton has
had an “unofficial” affair with someone other than Hillary? Who cares which Church
Bill went to when he was in Russia or England or when he was dodging the draft in Arkansas? We don’t care…do you? Then why in the world has major media jumped on the big “Stab Obama with the Wright Stuff” bandwagon.

Polls…Racists….and paid off politicians…all are desperately afraid of Barack
Obama. He has alot of people concerned….that their jobs could be in jeopardy…
and rightfully so. The election of Barak Obama, as the next President of the United
States would create a “Sea Change” of major proportions. Hey, we have no false
impressions that he will change much in Government. There are far too many bought
and paid for people in Government….that is deep. But what Obama can do….is be
a voice of reason and common sense. He might even select some decent people to
serve in his cabinet.

Let’s look at the other two candidates:
McCain: Will say or do anything to get elected and then change his mind and do something totally different.
Hillary: Will say or do anything to get elected and then do exactly what she had in mind all the time regardless of what she said.
These are not good choices. Perhaps none of our choices are good ones….but we at least we will have a change with an Obama Presidency.

Let’s talk about issues: (1) Gun Control, (2) Stem Cell Research, (3) Abortion,
(4) Taxes, (5) Social Security, (6) Healthcare, (7) The War in Iraq, (8) The
cost of Energy in America, (9) Freedoms and Privacy, (10) The FLDS Child Marriage issue and finally (11) Who will be the next American Idol winner? Will it really matter who we choose as the next President – in regards to any of these issues?

Barack Obama and Michelle his lovely wife seem to be nice people…even through the veil of the media, you can tell they are more honest and direct than most. No wonder the “powers that be are scared to death” of eight years of honesty in the White House. What will happen with a Obama Presidency, is that the United States for once will not be generally characterized as a Racist Imperial Power. It still will be that, but with the election of Obama, the nations of world will have to reassess our credentials in that regard. Yes, we know Obama is supported by the Council on Foreign Relations…but at least he is not Member..yet! Bill Clinton, as we now…is a member! McCain…who cares?

We have to apologize for this out of character rant….but enough is enough. We are starting to get punch drunk from the repetitive Obama bashing and Hillary pandering
by Bill O’Reilly…like fingernails on a blackboard! Hey O’Reilly; tell us more about those Hedge Funds and Pension Issues….they really work us up! What does
your “Body Language” tell us about that?

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