None dare call it treason!

It seems like a million years ago…that we first started putting out “the word from the bird” about Orange County politics. Contention was all over the place and great guys like Claudio and Sean Mill sprinkled their wisdom here and there. We had a great guy called Ryan Trabuco…..we had Tom Gordon -we had Larry Gilbert and we had the proverbial “Winships”. Every one had their roll. Every one was willing to let all the stops out….and speak from their gut and hearts. Did we forget to mention the great Art Pedroza…who has the broadest shoulders in blogging history? He has taken more flack than a B-17 over Berlin in 1945!

So, what is our point? Well, it goes something like this…..anyone can be replaced in the publishing business. No one is above the law….of the jungle and no one can take the law into their own hands! You see, it is called: “Responding to the needs of the public!” Some editors feel compelled to take the law into their own hands. When this happens…the integrity of the publication is put at risk.

A warning?……”Yes, a warning!” Changing the format of the Orange Juice Blog is no big deal. Editiing its writers without notice is called “Tyranny!”

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Independent News Producers/Writers and Directors for Parker-Longbow Productions. Independent Programming which includes a broad variety of Political, Entertainment and Professional Personalities. Cutting Edge - a talk the flagship of over 30 URL websites developed or under development. The Winships have been blogging for the Orange Juice since back when nickels had buffalos on them, and men wore onions attached to their belts, because it was the fashion back then.