Former Senate Republican Leader Jim Brulte’s presentation at CWLA 4 corners luncheon

Prior to making my comments on behalf of Proposition 98 at the California Women’s Leadership Association, CWLA, Four Corners Chapter luncheon in Ontario today we listened to a presentation by former Senator Republican Leader Jim Brulte entitled “History of Political Parties.”

In attendance at this meeting were close to 50 members of this new unit led by president Gayle Pacheco, Board Member of the California Workforce Investment Board, and her husband former Assemblyman Bob Pacheco who was appointed by President George W. Bush to the US Naval Academy Board of Visitors. Bob’s role in the meeting was that of CWLA’s paparazzi.

Other attendees included Chino Hills Mayor Curt Hagman, candidate for the 60th AD, his wife Grace Hagman, field representative for San Bernardino Supervisor Gary Ovitt, and Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy, candidate for the 29th SD.

Jim’s PowerPoint had a sub title that reads “what we are what we are today.”
He proceeded to explain how “Americans adjust their political mood through presidential elections” and shared information on the changes in selected decades of time beginning with 1932-1964 where we had “class politics. Have’s Vs Have-nots”

He spoke of realignment in both major parties between 1964 and 1988. Jim shared how president Reagan united the three wings of the Republican Party calling it a “triumph of ideological realignment.” He pointed out Jack Kemp supply siders, Jean Kirkpatrick and Jesse Helms representing the God and Country wing.
Jim made an interesting comment about the current campaign saying “who would have thought that Hillary would be running as a conservative Democrat.”

Without divulging too much of his presentation he did cover an area that Art Pedroza, founder of the Orange Juice blog, has been stating for the past year. That is the growth in the political group labeled “decline to state” which was around eight percent in 1992 and today represents “19.31 percent”of the electorate.

Bottom line. Attending these meetings is a wonderful way to meet and fellowship with other concerned voters and be able to meet distinguished speakers such as the Honorable Jim Brulte. For information on his LLC simply go to

For information regarding CWLA membership or dates of future meetings and speakers email or call (949) 632-0121

PS: I did receive an email from Gayle thanking me for my presentation stating that I did a “great job” on “a difficult subject for most.”

Got to shut down now. Another event to attend.

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