Americans for Prosperity CA launches statewide "Already Taxed to the Max" petition drive

Last night I received the following Press Release from the Americans For Prosperity CA.


Americans for Prosperity, California Calls on State Lawmakers to Stop Treating Taxpayers Like an A.T.M.

Launches statewide “Already Taxed to the Max” Petition Drive.

Sacramento, CA..Today, marking tax freedom day, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), California Chapter launched a statewide petition drive calling on state lawmakers to stop using California taxpayers as their own personal A. T.M. The taxpayers should not be seen as somewhere to go for another withdrawal anytime lawmakers can’t get their pork barrel spending under control.

“It is clear that California’s fiscal problems are a result of poor budgeting decisions and out of control spending by our lawmakers,” said Peter Foy, Chairman of Americans for Prosperity California. “California ranks 5th in state and local tax burden per household, we clearly don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.”

Americans for Prosperity is a grass roots organization with over 10,000 members here in California and over 250,000 across the country. The national organization works to get citizens involved in the public policy process in defense of economic freedom, free enterprise, lower taxes and more freedom.

The petition drive launches statewide today and will continue until June 15th, the budget deadline. Fed-up Californians can go to to sign the petition today and tell lawmakers that it is the wrong time to raise our taxes.

“We will be working hard over the next couple months to take this petition around the state to provide a voice for California Taxpayers.” said Foy. “It is time we take a stand and tell our lawmakers, enough is enough!” For more information about American’s for Prosperity and examples of out of control government spending and waste visit

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