What about $100 dollars a gallon gas?

Yesterday, a barrel of oil closed at nearly $114 dollars! The
rumor of the day is that a barrel of oil in June will be more like $140 dollars
a barrel. In the meantime, what great minds think that Bio-fuel, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Propane, Fuel-Cells, Corn-Ethanol, Coal, Nuclear or any other type of alternative
energy you can think of…will soon replace “the black gold”? Speaking of that:
Gold is at near $1000 dollars a ounce again, Silver near $18 dollars, Platinum at
almost $2000 a ounce! Real Estate….in the dumpster! Redlined from borrowing and
deflated by 24 percent from last year. More like 50 percent if the truth were known.

Who are these “Enviro Soldiers” who suggest that Bio-Fuels, which require thousands
of hectares of land to produce minimal gallons of Ethanol….which additionally raise
the price of foodstuffs throughout the world…..what can they be thinking? They
have people like Hillary and McCain touting “the benefits” of “Alternative Fuels”
and “Reaping the reward of enviro jobs…for this country!” Well folks, it was
Teddy Roosevelt who addressed over 50,000 people in San Diego in 1919…that said:
“America needs to be A Nation of Roads!”. He even drove to the event in his 1919 Model T Ford. Teddy didn’t like the League of Nations much either. Teddy was really
the leader in the “America First Movement”. He realized that we had to take care
of Americans and their needs…before we could think of helping anyone else!

OK, back in 1967 and 1968 a guy named Andy Granitelli put up a racing car for Indy
called the “STP Oil Treatment Special”. They called it the “Whoosh-Mobile” because
the roar of the exhaust was more like that of a vacuum cleaner driving by. A bad
transmission bearing cost the “STP” the win in 1967 with only three laps to go. They
were more than 10 laps in the lead..by the way. In 1968, the same fate awaited
with 10 laps to go. They said they ran the Turbine Engine Car on Carrot Juice.
With little or no regard to Bugs Bunny or the price of carrots no doubt! The American Automakers laughed it off…but made sure that Turbine Cars would be banned
from further racing at Indy or anywhere else that had organizations they could
control through their endorsement or sponsorships! The oil companies weren’t too
hyped when “STP” was getting nearly 20 miles per gallon when other racing cars were getting only 3 MPG.

So, what would happen if you just started charging $100 dollars a gallon for gas
in the United States? Say, all that money went directly into the coffers of Chevron,
Shell or Aramco? Well, there is little doubt that the average American family would
seriously alter their normal behavior. All trivial tasks would be dropped…leaving only the most serious ones, like picking up kids from school or taking them to Taekwondo class. Think about how much pleasure travel could be reduced! The cost to fly to Hawaii could be upwards of $10,000 dollar round trip. Hey, so you want to
stop our dependence on “Foreign Oil”? There is a way! The Government can then borrow all that money we spend for gasoline from the oil companies and governments
around the world. We could then fund Healthcare, Pensions, Schools or any War. Welcome to the One World Socialist Government! But are you really willing to
pay the price?

As we sit here and watch the value of homes and commercial property..fall like a
stone…some say up to 50 percent from last years levels……..it has come time
to send a message to Hillary and McCain….that using and encouraging the use of
Bio-Fuels is not only silly but very dangerous. It is causing food shortages around
the world….because people are planting crops for “Gasoline”! What about going after the right people here. Ask our lovely American Automobile Manufacturers…
OK….our International Automobile Manufacturers…to start using those 120 MPG
Carburetors that have been hiding for the last 50 years! If they don’t have one..
Invent one! Let’s make sure that our country makes 120 MPG the Standard throughout
the world – and that when we negotiate trade with any other country in the world,
120 MPG is part of that equation. Either adopt the International 120 Miles Per Gallon Standard for all new cars…or don’t trade with us!

So, to all those countries out there that have had their food prices rise by as much
as 1000 percent in the last year….( the cost of rice, corn and wheat )!!!
Welcome to the New One World Order!

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