Blame it on the Bossa Nova!

Got our California Statewide Direct Primary Election, Tuesday, June 3, 2008 voter
booklet today! It’s the Official Vote Information Guide….we know because it says
so. There are only two issues in this document: Propostion 98 and Proposition 99.
Both have to do with Eminent Domain….Redevelopment and what might be done about it.

Strangely, Proposition 98 people hate Proposition 99 people and reverse…we suppose!
This controversary all stems from a Supreme Court decision called the Kelo decision.
It allowed a City on the east coast to take valuable coastal property from some home
owners and gave it to a developer…a private citizen….that could develop the property and pay the city lots of sales tax. The homeowners fought back but were
over-ruled by the Supreme Court in a 5 to 4 Decision….that stank up the place!

In any event, lots of States, Counties and Cities around the country started their
own legislative process to thwart this kind of terrible behavior by certain cities
without an ounce of ethics or concern for long term residents and citizens.

Here in California, Jon Coupal a longtime Tax fighter jumped on this issue with
both feet. Many of our own friends and colleagues have become involved in this
process which they dubbed: Proposition 98. It is a wonderful document that dots
every “i” and crosses every “t”….and then steps across the Rubicon with a very
onerous “Attrition of Rent Control” provision. Everything is beautiful until to
get to Section 6. Effective Date. Here the wheels come off the wagon. This in our
opinion was a direct sell out….to large landowners that wanted to do away with
Rent Control and many of the provisions of State Law…which protect…people like
us….that rent. Even if we are not in a “Rent Control Area”….the poltical area
or sphere of influence….protects us from Landlord wrong doing. If we vote for
Propostion 98….we are giving those protections away. Trailer Park people are
really impacted…along with long time renters, Seniors and even young kids just
starting out…..having to rent before they can buy. Sadly for the Proposition 98
people the current sub-prime meltdown….doesn’t make this issue the Poster Boy
for good or caring Government. Having said that: With the exception of Section 6
Prop. 98 is right on.

Proposition 99…is attacked by the Prop. 98 people because it supposedly doesn’t
do much. Be that as it may….Section 7 points directly to the reason for the
Proposition… “its intent to provide homeowners with protection against exercises
of Eminent Domain in which an owner-occupied resdience is subsequently conveyed to
a private person.”

That’s it!

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