The Bloomberg Chronicles!

What if you had a couple of billion bucks and were the Mayor of New York? What if
you were really tired of hearing that your predecessor Rudy Giuliani was America’s
Mayor? What if all three major Presidential Candidates were considering you as their
running mate in the fall classic? Enter Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg recently has
announced that he “Will not run for President under any circumstances!” The next
thing you know….a shoe box bomb goes off in New York……and all the candidates
for President show up with comments about “your predicament”!

For those of you who get your news from CNN or Fox News….you probably haven’t
heard that should Obama not beat Hillary out for the Democratic nomination..there
is every possibility that Obama and Bloomberg will run as Independents and steal
the election from both McCain and Hillary! Better yet, if Obama wins the nomination
their is still a chance that Hillary and Bloomberg could run as Independents and
steal the Presidency! Then there is the final choice….Bloomberg runs with McCain
should Hillary and Obama be beaten up too badly to win in November!

Oh we know what you are thinking…..the Winship’s have lost their recent access to
prescriptions drugs! Ha…we take no drugs! Gave up nicotine four years ago and
our total of six beers a month… not enough to tilt windmills in any country,
you can name, much less the U S of A! So, where do we get our intuitive insights
from: Certainly not the Psychic Awareness Network! No, friends and neighbors, try
the Larouche public awareness table in front of the local Trader Joe’s! You will
probably remember Lyndon Larouche was that crazy guy with the tractor logo…that
came upon the scene in earnest way back in 1960! During that Presidential cycle
Larouche actually bought five hours of television time….to tell the world that
we had a very corrupt banking system and that both parties were sleeping with the
financial backers! Sounded like pure fiction at the time! Lyndon however, was
very eloquent, had his facts together and if nothing else….he made you wonder!

OK, here are what those wacky guys and girls at the Larouche table were talking
about: They were quick to point out that the relationship of Barack Obama and Tony
Resco was deep. 15 years deep. That there was lots of dirt on Obama that was being let out in Europe and many out of country newspapers. That Obama has met with little
Michael Bloomberg three times in the last two weeks. That Obama’s wife, works for the Chicago Board of Trade and along with Barack are both knee deep in the World Banking Community. They believe that Hillary, Obama and McCain have all sold out to the World Banking Cabal. Believe or don’t! That is just what they say!

So what are Larouche people asking the American people to do? They are pumping a total moratorium on all “foreclosures in America” for 90 days. They believe that
saving 7 million homes from foreclosure will sink the banking systems of the world.
They believe that the United States needs to create a National Infrastructure Bank
which would let people borrow on the price of their home and repay 1 to 2 percent
for seven years. Not the Federal Reserve…you see….a whole new Banking for the
United States strictly to clean up $600 trillion dollars in bogus Derivative and
Hedge funds….and simply “write off the debt” as was done by FDR…..when he closed
the banks back in 1933! A parochial solution…you say! Bankrupting every bank
in America and across the world…and basically….starting over!

OK, enough “Larouchisms….” They don’t answer “who” to vote for in November.
They do say that Michael Bloomberg is the closest thing America will ever get to a Napoleon and Miguelito Loveless combination! They call him another Mussolini! We don’t know that but we might agree with the first characterization!

So, again… the “Big MO” apparently shifts back to Hillary….with a tough
up hill fight in Pennsylvania, Oregon and Kentucky….coming up……we do have
to add that we will not vote for Obama if he chooses Hillary or Michael Bloomberg!
If he gets the nomination and chooses anyone else…we will probably vote for him.
If not…..well, we are going back to old reliable: Ralph Nader! Who cares about
two conservative voters from California anyway?

If you want to take a peek at what those weirdo Larouche people are up to…. seems to be what they are pushing!

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