In his own words. Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Walter Ehlers

The Local Section of today’s OC Register features “O.C. men honored at Arlington Cemetery” to celebrate National Medal of Honor Day.

In the jacket/cover of the 2003 book entitled “Medal of Honor” it begins: “Nobody Signs Up To Win The Medal Of Honor. You earn it at the intersection of happenstance and hell, and you’re there because that’s what your country has asked of you.”In the forward, written by former president George H. W. Bush, it states that “of the more than 3,400 recipients, fewer than 140 remain with us today.” Today’s Register reports that number dropping to 105.

To learn of the life story of Walter Ehlers, let me suggest you visit the Cutting Edge-a talk show where we spent a full hour interviewing Walt at his Buena Park home on July 1st 2003.

As typical for the Cutting Edge, this program goes beyond asking Walt about his receiving the Medal of Honor which we read at the conclusion of the program. It’s about his life story beginning with his growing up on a farm in Kansas, his family, enlisting in the army, combat stories–including the loss of his older brother Roland on Omaha Beach in June 1944, to his service at the Veteran’s Administration and the girls he left behind when he went overseas to serve our country. Another brother, not mentioned in the media, served in the South Pacific.

The years from 1940 to 1944 are but a snapshot in the life of Walter Ehlers. To find out about his exploits before and after the war simply go to:

From our home page go to the Archives and scroll down to American Hero series where you will see Walt in his World War II uniform.

We are honored to acknowledge the service of Walt Ehlers and every U.S. military veteran.

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