"Food or fuel?" Does the LA Times editorial staff read the Orange Juice blog?

As I opened today’s LA Times, yes, I do read the Times every day, I see that they follow our coverage on the impact of converting acres of farmland from producing corn for food to Ethanol production. Their headline. “Food or fuel?”

On Feb 9th of last year we blogged a Juice report entitled “is ethanol the panacea for our energy independence?”

I have also posted a follow up on Feb 21st that says “I told you so..been to a grocery store lately?”

The sub headline of today’s Times story reads: “As global starvation worsens, the US plans to devote vast amounts of grain to producing ethanol.” The story opens as follows: “Something is very wrong with this picture: The United Nations World Food Program has been hit so hard by skyrocketing grain prices that it may be forced to cut off food aid to the world’s poorest countries, while the United states is planning to turn record quantities of corn into automotive fuel.”

At this point I will let you check out the balance of this Times editorial for which I do not have a link (at this time).It can be found on page A-14, February 26, 2008.

Where do we go from here. Larry, you point out a problem but what about a solution?
For starters our state and federal government should immediately approve more nuclear plants. Second. Open ANWAR for exploration no matter how long it takes to get some of that untapped fuel supply into a pipeline heading south.

Yes, I expect Juice readers to blame president Bush for starving third world nations. However, before you do, consider the fact that you enjoy a majority in both houses of Congress. As such the buck passes over and through your house.
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