Everyone is playing liars poker!

For those unfamiliar with Liar’s Poker maybe a quick overview might be necessary
..so everyone can start on the same page. Liar’s Poker can be played by two or
more players..using normally a single dollar bill. Depending on how many people
are playing…the first player might start out by saying: (2) 3’s…or something
like it. Ones are considered Aces…all other number remain the same. Liar’s Poker is just like regular Poker…in that you have to have whatever you call. It is quite
possible to have a Full House, (3) of one and (2) of another. The best example
might be (3) Aces and (2) Eights..a Full House! OK, when you have like five or
six people or more playing ….the fun really gets amazing. How about 15 Aces?
Which could be possible if you count up all the Ones in the group of say – six
people. Finally, someone says: “Liar!” – Meaning, they don’t believe you when
you say the number and they believe there are less. If it is found that you are Lying – the total of all Aces is less than what you called…you would have to pay each and every other player one of the following: The total of the amount bet…say for six players $6 dollars. Or, you will have to pay the guy that called “Liar” the total amount of the each player has put in the pot!

With these facts in mind, Yankee Right Hander Roger Clemens, his Trainer Brian
McNamee, Jose Conseco and his wife, Chuck Knoblock, Senator Mitchell, Bud Selig,
and a litany of 89 other members of Major League Baseball…are all playing a
tough game of “Liar’s Poker” regarding Steroid use. Clemen’s Personal Trainer;
Brian McNamee listed himself in his Ad literature as a Doctor of Sports Medicine
and Trainer to the Stars: Andy Petit, Roger Clemens and Chuck Knoblock. But hey,
these Professional Sports people…have no qualms about lying to Congress, or
lying to anyone else for that matter….as long as it makes them look good. Brian
McNamee’s closest association to a Doctor is watching ER or Scrubs on TV.

The reason we bring this to the fray…is that; can you imagine, how the big
time Cigarette Executives, Banking Interests, Enron, World Com, Keating and
the Savings and Loan people…have all lied to Congress with impunity. It is
really too bad that there seems no logical way..to either..stop investigating
….or to put these people in jail. Barry Bonds is presently under indictment
for lying to Congress. Marion Jones will be going to jail…for lying to
Federal Investigators. In any event, all rightly so!

So, when you hear all these famous sports heroes…call 18 fives or 22 Aces
..you might want to call…..”Liar!”

We probably need an Independent Federal Prosecutor for these cases!

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