Sling Shot to the back of the Class!

Today it was reported that the two survivors of the Tiger
attack at the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas had Sling Shots
and were taunting the Tiger prior to the attacks.

Ambulance chaser Attorney Mark Garagos has determined, in
his wisdom….to represent these zeroes and to file suits
for these stupid, cruel, Michael Vick type of idiots; for
damages from both the SF Zoo and the City of San Francisco.
They are the ones that should be sued and flogged by PETA
and Animal Rights groups around the country. In the least,
they certainly should be incarcerated for animal cruelty!

The death of the 17 year old taunter….is not as sad at
this point….especially if his co-conspirators behavior
is found to be as egregious as currently reported.

They get the Michael Vick award….for the Death of a rare
Tiger….and putting everyone at the SF Zoo in deadly
physical danger!

The “Foolin’ with Sasquatch” Commercial Jack Link’s Beef
Jerky…is an example telling kids they can fool with
nature….and get away with it. They need to yank that
commercial. It sets the wrong example for kids! “Cruelty
to Animals” is not an example we should be promulgating!

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