Announcement. Tune in to hear electromagnetic field, EMF expert Cindy Sage on KFI tonight

Tonight, after the Florida Republican votes are counted, a winner is named, and you get tired of listening to the many radio and TV pundits, let me urge you to listen to the following program that deals with the topic of EMF. For those not familiar with EMF, electromagnetic fields, it has been argued that EMF exposure can lead to serious health risks.

The following post is from the Mission Viejo Dispatch. I would urge you to tune in to find out what a recognized expert has to say regarding the health risk associated with electro magnetic fields, EMF. Wikipedia covers the health and safety areas of EMF as follows: “Health and safety.

The potential health effects of the very low frequency EMFs surrounding power lines and electrical devices are the subject of on-going research and a significant amount of public debate. In workplace environments, where EMF exposures can be up to 10,000 times greater than the average, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has issued some cautionary advisories but stresses that the data is currently too limited to draw good conclusions. The potential effects of electromagnetic fields on human health vary widely depending on the frequency and intensity of the fields.”

Concerned residents of Mission Viejo, who took elevated EMF readings after new SCE power lines were added above a very active park in our city, contacted Ms Sage over 18 months ago to get her input on the potential health hazard that we are exposing our children to. After months of being stonewalled by our city, activists were finally successful in obtaining a copy of her report this month. It is worth pointing out that the city directly or indirectly purchased a second opinion from a client of SCE around a year later. Why? Did the Sage findings conflict with SCE’s data? Larry Gilbert————————————————————————————————————————-

“Cindy Sage, who initially performed tests on electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation along the SCE corridor in Mission Viejo, will be the radio guest of George Noory tonight (Tues.) on KFI Radio, channel AM 64O Cindy will discuss the potential implications for health from EMF exposure between 10pm and 2am.

The Noory website is The program can be streamed via the website; alternatively it can podcasted or downloaded to computer later via the website. An access charge of $6.95 applies for the streaming or downloading features.

Cindy will appear at the Mission Viejo City Council Meeting on February 18 as part of a public hearing regarding current EMF exposure levels along the overhead powerline corridor operated by SCE.”

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