Tiger Eyes!

Our dear friend Joey Racano is the
epitome of what true Environmentalism should be all
about. He loves animals in the wild and out, he loves
clean water, he loves trees and all natural beauty.
Joey used to live in Huntington Beach and fought many
a battle for seabirds, various wetlands, secondary
treatment of run-off water and more. Joey now fights
those battles throughout the State of California from
his Morro Bay digs. When Joey ran for City Council
in Huntington Beach he had them very scared. There
is a reason for that: Joey does his homework!

The recent solo death plus the mauling of two others at
the San Francisco Zoo….seems to have raised the ire
of our beloved Joey. Here is a open letter to Mayor Gavin
Newsome and the people of San Francisco courtesy of
Joey Littleshell:

Dear SF Mayor and Zoo,

First, I would like to take a moment to give thanks to
the SFPD. These brave folks not only responded to what
was certainly a dangerous call to duty, but they gave
that poor tiger peace at last.

It struck me as weird when I heard SF Mayor Gavin Newsom
say, “We’ll find out what went wrong”.

I’ll enlighten the dense Mr. Newsom; Gavin, what went
wrong was people have become sick and twisted enough to
spit in the face of the creator by imprisoning the greatest
of all creations- the TIGER!

The only things sicker than imprisoning that glorious
creature, are going to visit the zoo (likewise, Seaworld
and the captive Orcas there), and, yes, there is one thing
even more demented- that is the US government being so
opportunistic in its rush to enslave society that the talk
is all about those ‘animal rights’ folks (IE: terrorists)
who may have let the tiger out.

I am hoping that someone, somewhere,has learned a bit
about the nature of themselves out of all of this. Perhaps
the ‘trainer’ who lost her arm last year? Tell me dear,
what did you presume to ‘train’ a tiger to do? Forsake
meat, perhaps? Jump through a flaming hoop? Relinquish
her stripes?

Shame on you. If it were within my power, you would be
in a cage for years on end, fed through the bars with
‘public feedings’.

The kids from San Jose? I wonder if they knew each other?
A 17 year old dead at the front of the enclosure, and two
more attacked a short distance away. Hmmm. Were they
together? Had they been taunting the big cat? Perhaps the
tiger hunted them down purposefully.

As for you, Mr Newsom, yes, you go find out what went wrong.
Perhaps it was the fact that we disrespected the greatest
force nature has produced, ignoring the plight of its
dwindling habitat, preferring instead to have this striped
dragon pace endlessly back and forth until its teeth dropped
out with age.

Tiger, tiger, burning bright
in the forests of the night

What dread hand and what dread eye
dare framed thy fearful symmetry?

Joey Racano

Joey Racano, Director
Ocean Outfall Group

My music: http://www.myspace.com/joeyracano

Member, California Green Party
Delegate, 2007 Green National Convention
California Green Party, 2002,
Orange County Patrick Henry Democratic Club, 2004
Huntington Beach Mobile Home Owners Association, 2004
Former CDP State Central Committee Delegate, 2003-2006
Former Member- CDP Environmental Caucus
Author- CDP ‘Heritage Tree’ State Resolution, 2003,
Casa Beach (La Jolla) Marine Sanctuary Resolution, 2007

Tel and Fax: 805-772-2988
Cell: 805-540-8970
Address: P.O. Box 1260
Morro Bay, Ca 93443-1260
=====================================*If you have
other Environmental concerns we suggest you contact Joey.
He will tell you directly whether he can help or not! We
really love that! In the meantime….as Jack Lemon said:
“Save the Tiger!” Joey is a true Independent
Democrat….who has no qualms about putting anyone’s feet
to the fire! We really like that too!

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