Keith Olbermann….Supercalafragilistic!

Years ago Keith Olbermann was this great sportscaster that
told things with clarity, a sense of history, a light and
breezy flair along with the ability to take history and put
events and players of all varieties into a plausible and
haunting perspective. We used to love Keith. Didn’t you
used to love Keith too?

Tonight Keith Olbermann went on Bill Moyers Journal…on PBS
and without a slip….we were able to see why we don’t watch
Countdown…his nightly show that features “The Worst Person
in the World”…with political bias and impunity. He just
hates George Bush, Bill O’Reilly and anyone that doesn’t love
Hillary and Bill. The self-flagellate dialogue with Moyers
was so obnoxious that anyone of any political stripe would
have to be taken by the self-aggrandizing mediocrity of the
whole experience. It sort of remind us of Charles Barkley
trying to do dialogue on Monday Night Football and his half
hour nonsense during the USC-Arizona State Football game.
We kept trying to say to Barkley – We love you doing Basketball
and we hate you doing Track and Field, NASCAR, World Team Tennis
and Championship Bowling. Why Olbermann and Barkley think they
can poach into Social Commentary or Politics is beyond us.

Back to the “Olbermann Story”. Keith has falling numbers for
his “Countdown” program…which goes up directly against Bill
O’Reilly. Keith wants to be another Rosie O’Donnell, in the male
persausion. He would love to go on the View, Dr. Phil or the
Regis and Kelly Show. Olbermann would probably have loved to
be on the old “Dating Game” and replace Chuck Woolery….ah,
but he was too young. Now Keith blithely wears his John
Lennon granny glasses and hopes that his various nasty and hate
ridden attitudes toward the likes of George Bush, Don Rumsfeld,
various members of the the Bush Administration and Republicans
in general will hold in high esteem with the American public.
Sadly, along with Al Franken….Olbermann has had to hedge his
bets and now plays third banana on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.
Poor Keith is out of his element with Cris Collinsworth and
Bob Costas…who have the helm of this show. No place for Keith
to place his hate filled repartee for the Bush Administration.
Keith has had to even resort to finding the “The Worst Sports
Person in the World”….each week.

The program with Bill Moyers highlighted the attacks by Keith
on the Bush Administration. Olbermann claims that “the rot from
the top” is so easily seen that “anyone” will look back at this
history and know that these things were wrong. We kept waiting
for Keith to mention the failings of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton
and LBJ. We doubt that even if Olbermann does another 10,000
shows we would not see any negative reports on these great guys.
Keith probably is ready to go on Air America. Maybe he could do
a co-host role with Howard Stern. Hey, there have to be options!

OK, are we being too tough on old Keith? Sadly not! Humility
is next to Godliness and Keith will never find the “H” word
anywhere near his fragile ego. We write this to wish Keith
the best. We would love to know what makes Keith think that
he is the consummate “political expert pundit”. Was it his
Military Service? Was it his years involved in local politics?
Was it his efforts to run for political office? Was it his
years as a Foreign Correspondent in war torn areas? We think
not….to all. If we are mistaken…we heartily apologize.
But right now Keith…you are just a hack Sports Reporter
with a good vocabulary! In the words of famous Sportscaster
Jim Healy: “He’s a wonderful guy and our apologies to him!”

Keith, get back to your roots dude………and they don’t
include Red or Blue states! They don’t include your attempts
at cynical political humor. They do include being more like
Jim Rome and less like Dennis Miller!

“Keith boy, Good-by and Good Luck!”

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