Orange Juice: Week in Review

What a fantastic month we had in October. We finished the month with 19,211 visits to our blog, 58,334 page views, and 251 blog posts, not to mention hundreds of comments from our readers. Wow! What a way to start the last quarter.

This week attention shifted from the fires to the stunning fall of O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona, and its aftermath.

But we weren’t quite done with the fires, as we asked the question “Who under-funded the O.C. Fire Authority.” And Claudio Gallegos pitched in with “O.C. Fire Authority has earned their funding!” I then revealed that “Matt/Jubal still thinks Measure D was useless.” And Larry Gilbert told us how “Mission Viejo flunked emergency aid for fire victims.”

Thomas Gordon took the time to scrutinize the operations of Ware Disposal, with “Wanna join the Chamber of Commerce?” Sean Mill then continued looking at Ware Disposal, with “Picking up garbage pays for the trash,” and “A real threat to our community.”

Then the big story of the week broke wide open as we pondered “Is O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona headed for the slammer?” Claudio took a whack at Carona too, with “Sheriff Carona Indictment: My Thoughts.” Thomas then asked us to decide if Carona should step down.

Thomas then posted about O.C. Supervisor John Moorlach asking Carona to resign. And Claudio posted “More on Sheriff Carona.” I then revealed Tim Whitacre’s thoughts about Carona’s indictment.

Claudio followed up with “Mike Carona’s Day in Court.” And I came back with “Matt/Jubal speaks out on Carona.” Then we took the gloves off and examined the “Roll Call of Shame: Those who endorsed Mike Carona.”

Next we asked “Is this the end of Mike Schroeder too?” The local newspapers then called for Carona’s resignation. And we laughed at Jon Fleischman as he “Jumped on the Titanic.” Thomas then wondered if we should “privatize the Orange County Sheriffs?

The Carona coverage continued with “Why did so many O.C. politicians endorse Carona?” And we wondered if “Carona’s indictment will bring down the Trannie empire?” Thomas then wrote about how Carona and his cabal allegedly stole from a dead deputy’s family.

We wrapped up our Carona coverage with “Carona stepping back, but he needs to resign,” and “Who should be our next O.C. Sheriff?

As usual, we had several hot Santa Ana posts this week. Sean Mill got the ball rolling with “Has Floral Park really changed the date of Halloween?” I then pondered if “Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante was going to call the SAPD on the Orange Juice.” Sean continued the Carlos coverage with “Carlos always willing to offer Ware Disposal a hand…to take their money.” And I asked why the Space Commander attended the HEEF dinner, when he opposed helping immigrants to attain a higher education.

Thomas’ story about Mayor Miguel Pulido’s flight to Seattle, to partake in an conference about the environment, hit the air waves as KFI picked it up. Then I poked at former Santa Ana Councilman Jose Solorio, who is now our Assemblyman, when he scheduled an education town hall meeting during the day, when parents cannot make it.

We closed out our Santa Ana coverage with a shocking story regarding a move by the Santa Ana City Council to remove mayoral term limits from their already flawed term limits measure. And I wrote a spoof about meeting with Mayor Pulido.

We also covered the rest of Orange County and a few national issues, with:

This week’s artwork is “The Execution of King Louis XVI,” which hangs in the Musee Carnavalet. We chose this theme because the unfortunate King Louis XVI was arrested along with his wife, Marie Antoinette and they were summarily executed by guillotine. Sheriff Mike Carona and his wife will avoid that fate, but they to
o appear to be a doomed political couple.

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