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Since Matt “Jubal” Cunningham, the editor of Red-faced County/OC Blog, has not written much about the Carona debacle, I spent some time tonight going through his past posts about the Little Sheriff. I am amazed that Cunningham has not yet apologized to his readers for being an ardent supporter of Carona last year. Here are some excerpts (My comments appear in italics):

  • Honestly, I think Carona has learned some excruciatingly hard lessons and has learned from his mistakes. Orange County is a safe place to live and crime is down in areas patrolled by the Sheriff’s Department. Carona knows the job and I frankly don’t believe it is necessary to change horses in mid-stream.
  • Sheriff Mike Carona won the endorsement of the Republican Party of Orange County on a 44-20 vote. Congratulations to Sheriff Carona and his campaign.
  • Considering the OC Democratic Party is completely dysfunctional and ineffective, be careful when tossing around pejoratives. (From a comment that started out about Carona. Ironic though. In the wake of the Urell scandal, the Measure D scandal, and now the Carona fiasco, the OC GOP is the party that looks like cr*p).
  • It is also important to remember that the Sheriff is elected in his own right, per the state constitution. He is simply a department head who reports directly to the BOS. That entitles him to more deference from the BOS regarding how he runs his department.
  • Here’s the Carona mailer, which focuses on illegal immigration and his challengers’ reactions to it. It’s a very effective piece. I don’t go so far as to classify Carona’s challengers in with “liberals,” but they shouldn’t be surprised given the degree of their invective against Carona.
  • With all due respect, Art, it’s a little much to be lectured about a “cult of personality: by a Hunt supporter!
  • The big, ugly horse flies in the ointment — Don Haidl and George Jaramillo — are now gone. The damage they inflicted on Carona is an example of the Sheriff being loyal to a fault. If those two had truly been Carona’s friends, they would have stepped down long before rather than clinging to their posts of honor, to their friend’s detriment.
  • The Sheriff eked out a 50.9% win over Bill Hunt and Ralph Martin. That’s barely a majority, but a gigantic win because he can now avoid 5 grueling months of political attacks, media water-torture, fund-raising and trying to hold together an uncomfortable coalition.
  • John Lewis and Matt Holder, the political helmsmen of Mike Carona’s re-election, have once confirmed themselves as OC’s premier political consultants, bar none.
  • Jon (Fleischman) absorbed a slew of abuse from Huntistas while performing his job as an OCSD spokesman with aplomb under miserable circumstances — and was re-elected to the OC Republican Party Central Committee to the dismay of his detractors.
  • Sheriff Mike Carona’s campaign sent over another list of endorsements, this time from partisan elected officials and officers:
    • Ed Royce, 40th District US Congressman
    • Gary Miller, 42nd District US Congressman
    • Dana Rohrabacher, 46th District US Congressman
    • Bob Margett, 29th District State Senator
    • Dick Ackerman, 33rd District State Senator
    • Bill Morrow, 38th District State Senator
    • Van Tran, 68th District State Assemblyman
    • Chuck DeVore, 70th District State Assemblyman
    • Todd Spitzer, 71st District State Assemblyman
    • Lynn Daucher, 72nd District State Assemblywoman
    • Scott Baugh, Chairman OC Republican Party
    • Tom Fuentes, Chairman Emeritus OC Republican Party
    • Michael Schroeder, Past Chairman CA Republican Party

There you have it. For a complete list of those who endorsed Carona, go to this link.

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