Fabian & Antonio – a pair to draw from!

Let the piling on begin. Let us all join hands and
sing Kum-by-ya! We have to laugh when someone from
the Democratic side of the aisle does something illegal.
Don’t they always? Hey, the imminent demise of high
level politicians remind us of Rome and the Gladiators
in the Coliseum. Thumbs up or thumbs down and the
blade slices off the head of the now unpopular hero.

Fabian Nunez…is knee deep in being the old dater of
Mayor Antonio Villaraigaso’s babe news reporter who
has been relegated out to San Bernardino…to report
fertilizer droppings near the freeways there. Nunez
is an elegant guy. He wants the elegant lifestyle..
You probably wouldn’t find Fabian Nunez in camo shorts
buying paper towels at the local Wal-mart or Target.
No, Fabian loves good wine, the good life, the sweet
life….and if he just so happens to be a “great politician”
along the way…how bad can it be?

As the fire drill attacks on Sheriff Mike Carona ramp
up..someone seemed to miss the front page of the LA Times
today…to read about “how bad can it be?” for Fabian
Nunez. Is this wine from the teaspoon – just the tip of
the iceberg…or what? How deep is Antonio in this mess?
Didn’t he used to work with Fabian closely? Didn’t he
get his current girlfriend from Fabian after she was
taste tested? Who knows? Who cares? When people talk
about criminal activity…when they talk about broaching
the Public Trust….when they talk about inappropriate
behavior….hey say hello to Speaker of the Assembly…
elegante….Fabio the magnificent! Hey, it’s only the
public money. They would want Fabio to have nice things
around him…wouldn’t they?

Maybe Fabio can meet with Chriss Street and talk HI-DEF
televisions! Maybe Fabio can get together with Antonio
to discuss “old girlfriends”! The point is that propriety,
values and ethical concerns are not restricted and should
not be restricted to labeled Republicans Only! Democrats
need to police their own sewers and trash containers. They
don’t seem to have a problem nailing down hypocrites that
have a Republican label…now….do they?

One last question: Are the ethical miscreant actions of
Antonio or Fabio……worthy of demanding accountability
or not? The Democrats seem silent on these issues..why?
Perhaps Fabio and Antonio will ask you to go for a cigar
and some fine cognac – with some cool babes if you dummy
up! Light up the hot tub!

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