Children victimized by ICE workplace raids on immigrants

The O.C. Register is reporting that “Children of illegal immigrants arrested at workplace raids face an increasing amount of family separation, economic hardship and psychological trauma, according to a new report released Wednesday.”

I knew it! These raids thrill the Republicans, who are supposed to promote family values. I guess that those values are not extended to immigrant families.

The article also stated that “”The effect of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raids on children is inevitable and underappreciated,” said Rosa Maria Castaneda, one of the authors of the report, commissioned by the National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic advocacy organization. The study was prepared by the Urban Institute.”

Recommendations in the report include:

  • Congress should ensure that children will be protected during the raids.
  • ICE should develop a strict policy on the release of the parents. Single parents should be released early in the day and not held overnight.
  • Detainees should be allowed to make phone calls.
  • Schools should develop a system to deal with ICE raids, and make sure that all the children affected are in the care of an adult after the school day ends.

Well, a solution should be in the making next year, as I cannot see anyway that the GOP will hang on to the White House.

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