Tetrahyrdogestrinone – THG

“The Clear”…is a steroid drug! It is given
to athletes to enhance their performance. It is given because
most tests for steroids can’t read “The Clear”. Beautiful Track
Star Marion Jones….dodged and weaved….jumped and skipped
…but in the end couldn’t evade Federal Justice Attorneys. She
pleaded very guilty to ingesting Tetrahydrogestrinone before
the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney. Her unprecedented five Gold
Medals will be returned to the International Olympic Committee.
In the plea agreement she faces up to six months in jail..hardly
a stiff sentence for being caught disgracing American Sports
Representation at the Olympic Games.

We loved Marion Jones…..her tenacity, her focus and her
athleticism! Her excuse was the same as most athletes caught
with their hand in the cookie jar – “Everyone was doing it!”
Barry Bonds is up next for Federal Justice Prosecutors…….
Raphael Palmero has already said publicly on several Sports
News programs that Barry and he “took the Clear”. Marion Jones
was particular to say that she took the drug by mouth. Raphael
and Barry were reported to have taken THG by injection.

Tetra-Hyrdro-Ges-Tri-none! Is a growth or performance enhancing
Steroid variant. It is supplied to high visibility athletes by
unsavory characters who make a bunch of money doing the supplying.
No one makes the athletes buy or ingest the THG. No one stands
on their high horse and accuses the media or Federal Prosecutors
of “just picking on me” – as much as those that have or are
taking these drugs as they break records and set the worst of all
examples for our emerging generations.

Getting away with breaking the law…or rules…or ethical concerns
is not limited to our so-called Super Sports Heroes. Larry Craig
said he was going to resign from the Senate. When his Plea Reversal
failed….he changed his mind and now wants to stick it out through
next year. Evidently, Larry Craig is both a liar and a sex offender.

Moving to our own neighborhood….tells us about the controversy
with OC Treasurer Chriss Street. Wouldn’t a normal human being…
resign, clear your name and then run for office again…without
any cloud of doubt?

What about Fabian Nunez…the Speaker of the California Assembly.
Misuse of government funds? Will anyone ever come clean? We doubt
that these Sports Heroes and Politicians believe they are culpable
members of society. They believe, they are above the law.
Having said that, we are pleased that Marion Jones has come clean
and we wish that every other guilty player would do the same. At
least those that really care about a younger generation and want
them to in fact have a better life. “NO Alice, Santa Claus doesn’t
take Steroids!” “NO, Virginia….you don’t have to be a thief or
a sex pervert to be a politician!” How long should Barry Bonds
serve in Federal Prison? Should Barry too be stripped of all his

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