Senator Tom McClintock supports Fred Thompson for president

Received earlier today. Senator Tom McClintock supports Fred Thompson for president

2007 3:16:55 AM Pacific Daylight Time
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I’m For Fred Thompson…

It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen a presidential candidate that I felt I could trust to respect our Constitution, defend our borders, reduce the burdens of government on our families – and at the same time that has the natural ability to reach the millions of voters who feel that neither party stands for these principles any longer.

Ronald Reagan’s brilliance was a combination of two things: his heartfelt belief in traditional Republican principles and his ability to communicate those beliefs to others. He didn’t change his positions from one election to the next. He steered a steady course and no one had to guess where he would stand tomorrow. And because he was honestly dedicated to that uniquely American view of individual liberty, he could communicate it to voters who never considered themselves Republicans, but who believe as we believe.

After spending months watching the field of presidential candidates develop, I have become convinced that only one combines these two vital qualities. For that reason, I have decided to do everything I can to support Fred Thompson’s campaign for the Presidency.

We simply can’t afford to get this election wrong. I believe that our basic values and freedoms as Americans are at stake on the outcome of this election. Every one of us has a right to expect something much more than the same establishment candidates that both parties have produced for the last 20 years. But that right isn’t automatic: it has to be claimed by exertions equal to its importance. And I don’t remember a campaign since 1980 that has been more important to the future of our nation.

So I am going to do everything I can to rally behind Fred Thompson’s campaign, and I hope that you agree that this is the most important chance we’ve had to renew the Reagan coalition for this next generation.

If you haven’t already done so, please join me today at
Gilbert comment. I have recently responded to surveys as to which of the presidential candidates come closest to my policy beliefs. In that survey they have included: our opinion on handling of the war in Iraq, our position on illegal immigration, taxes, funding of stem cell research, universal health care, legalized abortion, privatization of Social Security, line item veto, alternative energy subsidies, definition of marriage and the death penalty.

In my case Fred was in the top tier of the Republicans. It should be no surprise that none of the Democratic field scored too high in my policy opinions.
As stated previously I have yet to decide whom I will support.

Note: During our recent Cutting Edge-a talk show interview at the Western CPAC conference we were told not to look for another Ronald Reagan. William Saracino, Michael Reagan and David Keene each said they come around only once in a generation. That said watch how some of the Republican candidates refer to his principles as they speak on the campaign trail.

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