Pulido’s latest gentrification scheme…streetcars?

Streetcars? You have to be kidding me. The O.C. Register reported yesterday that the City of Santa Ana’s planners and City Council are now looking to spend MILLIONS on a streetcar system that would connect the train station to the civic center plaza and the downtown area.

How much money are we talking about? “The initial loop could cost tens of millions of dollars; by some estimates, the average cost for a streetcar line is around $15 million per mile. Santa Ana would use money from the Orange County Transportation Authority and federal grants to help offset that cost.”

Unbelievable. But it gets even better. “Santa Ana is “very serious” about streetcars, said Public Works Director James Ross, who was part of the city’s delegation to Portland. “We get pretty excited about what a good fit a streetcar would be.” Wait a minute…is that the SAME Jim Ross who has utterly failed to maintain our streets? The same guy who has allowed our water and sewage infrastructure to crumble in disrepair? What nerve this guy has!

And what is up with this fixation with Portland? “Portland opened its first stretch of streetcar line in 2001, and has used it ever since as a big draw for tourists, office workers, new residents

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