Orange Juice: Week in Review

What a week we had here at the Orange Juice! This one was one for the books. It all started on Monday, when I wrote “Santa Ana Council trying to quiet Orange Juice bloggers?” In that post we found out that L.A. Times reporter Jennifer Delson had at last broken the story about how the Santa Ana City Council had asked the “OJ3” – myself, Thomas Gordon and Sean Mill, to either stop blogging or quit our respective City Commissions, or be tossed off.

The story blew up and ended up on the AP wire. Which meant it was a lead story on radio stations all over the United States. Locally our story was told on KFWB and KPCC. I also was interviewed on KOGO, in San Diego. We heard from friends as far away as Denver, reporting that they too had heard about the OJ3. We all began to wonder if we had inadvertently fired the first shot in the Santa Ana Revolution…

On the very day the story broke, the OJ3 showed up at the Santa Ana City Council meeting. They were about to hand $82,000 of taxpayer money to the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce, so they could waste it by continuing to publish their self-serving propaganda newsletter, CityLine. That publication regularly endorses candidates, including Council incumbents who vote to spend our money publishing CityLine! The Chamber gets the money every year…but not this time. Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido saw us standing, ready to denounce the expenditure, and he then told the audience that Mike Metzler, the Director of the Chamber, had told Pulido that he no longer wanted the money. Score!

We found out in Delson’s article that ex felon Tim Rush was one of the folks calling for the ouster of the OJ3. So on Tuesday, Sean Mill reminded us about Rush’s colored past. It wasn’t pretty. Why Pulido relies on Rush for advice, we will never know.

And on Tuesday the media onslaught began again. The O.C. Register came to our defense, and so did the L.A. Times. How often do both of our local papers agree on anything? This time they did – as they stood up for free speech – and for the Orange Juice. I also chronicled all the media players who reported on the OJ3 with “Censorship scandal continues to unfold in Santa Ana.”

Thomas Gordon then asked what would YOU do if you were Mayor for a day? And Sean Mill explained how “Things have gone from sunny to stormy for Santa Ana’s machine.” Mill also disclosed how the “Genie is out of the bottle.”

Mill wasn’t done picking on Pulido’s cabal after his expose on Tim Rush. He next went after the infamous Mexican-hater, Debbie McEwen, with “What’s the deal with 1002 French St.?

Then my next “Who is” article debuted, with “Who is David Benavides?” This sad look at the compromising of what once was a promising young man by the Pulido cabal has already been viewed 406 times!

Next, O.C. Register reporter Doug Irving broke the story that Fletcher was trying to put together a “Code of Conduct” for City Commissioners that was obviously the City Council’s latest attempt to put the squeeze on the Orange Juice. Sean Mill then gave us a close-up look at the man who we now call “Fletch.” I then stuck my tongue in my cheek and presented MY “Code of Conduct” for City Council members.

Sean Mill wasn’t done picking on the Pulido-Ream empire. He next asked the question “Why did City Manager Dave Ream go back on his word?

Luis Rodriguez returned to his keyboard after a long leave of absence from the Orange Juice, with “It’s about accountability.”

We wrapped up our Santa Ana coverage this week with my announcement that if no one else steps up to run against Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante, then I will.

As dominant as the Santa Ana news was this week, we did find time to cover other Orange County stories. Larry Gilbert wrote about how the Mission Viejo City Council hides massive expenditures in their Consent Calendar.

I wrote about the outcome of Benito Acosta’s trial in Costa Mesa, which like the OJ3 story dealt with censorship. In this case, Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor prevented Acosta from exercising his right to free speech. And then he had Acosta arrested. The case got tossed and now Mansoor and Costa Mesa face a nasty civil suit that Acosta will likely win. That worked out real well for Mansoor and company. Not.

Claudio Gallegos wrote about how the O.C. Supervisors are bungling management of our county parks and the Silverado Canyon area. Ron and Anna Winship also wrote about the county, with news that O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen has been endorsed by the O.C. Lincoln Club.

Claudio also wrote about another instance of government intrusion in our lives, with “Big brother strikes GGUSD!” And Thomas Gordon continued the school theme with “School Safety Zones.”

Claudio then took a look at the dark side of Orange County, with “Monsignor Urell, Some Advice.” And Joe Shaw then took a trip down the lighter side of O.C. living with his “Oktoberfest Memories.”

We also found time to examine national and statewide issues. Aria Ghafari sardonically explained how “Calvert & Lewis are still making us proud.” Aria also introduced us to Democratic congressional candidate Russ Warner. Then Aria told us that “California is Clinton country,” But Julie Meigs countered with “An open letter to Al Gore.”

Larry Gilbert also reviewed the problems with our Social Security system. And Claudio Gallegos examined our problems with the state prison system.

Immigration came up this week too. I wrote about this week’s ICE raids, then Thomas Gordon did too. And anti-Mexican Harald Martin popped up again in the OC Weekly, which I covered with “The monster speaks.”

Before the day is over, we might well end up with over 5,000 visits to the Orange Juice this week. What a week! I can’t wait to see what happens next week here at the Orange Juice.

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