Is this the Bush legacy? Force Israel to give up land for peace creating a Palestinian State?

While all eyes were on the tube watching the Republican debate in Michigan or focused on the war in Iraq, there is another major action underway that is flying below the radar screen of major media outlets. In my view this is a state department effort to create the Bush legacy before he leaves office. Land for peace. Twist a few arms in the Israeli government to negotiate a new deal with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in carving out a Palestinian state in lands currently controlled by Israel.

Today’s Jerusalem Post reports that “Abbas wants a state in 98% of the West Bank.”

While we in the US endure concessions of our Rights and Freedoms as it relates to compliance with the new department of Homeland Security the nation of Israel has a similar obligation to its people. Especially in light of the number of terrorist attacks they have endured.

As stated on the rear jacket of Alan Dershowitz’s book entitled “The Case For Israel” it mentions Israel’s “basic right to exist, to protect it’s citizens from terrorism, and to defend its borders from hostile enemies.”

There are those who will claim that UN Resolution 242 requires Israel it return to its pre 1967 boundaries. That is not what 242 actually stated. Let me suggest reading the book entitled “Myths and Facts, a guide to the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

Following is today’s Jerusalem Post article that can be found at the following link.

“Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday laid out his most specific demands for the borders of a future independent state, calling for a full Israeli withdrawal from all territories captured in the Six Day War in 1967.

In a television interview, Abbas said the Palestinians want to establish a state on 6,205 square kilometers of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It was the first time he has given a precise number for the amount of land he is seeking.

“We have 6,205 square kilometers in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.” Abbas told Palestine TV. “We want it as it is.”

Abbas’s claim comes as Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams are trying to hammer out a joint vision for a future peace deal in time for a US-hosted conference next month.

With Israel seeking to retain parts of the West Bank and east Jerusalem, Abbas’s comments appeared to set the stage for tough negotiations, which are expected to include complicated arrangements such as land swaps and shared control over holy sites.

According to Palestinian negotiating documents obtained by The Associated Press, the Palestinian demands include all of the Gaza Strip, West Bank, east Jerusalem and small areas along the West Bank frontier that were considered a demilitarized zone before the Six Day War.

Abbas said his claim is backed by UN resolutions. “This is our vision for the Palestinian independent state with full sovereignty on its borders, water and resources.”

Israeli government spokeswoman Miri Eisin declined to comment, saying she did not want to prejudice negotiations. But the Palestinian demands appear to exceed anything that Israel would be willing to offer.

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators held their first working meeting this week as they try to agree on the wording of a joint declaration in time for next month’s conference. The US hopes the document will provide a launching ground for full-fledged negotiations on a final peace agreement.

Despite Abbas’s tough public stance, aides to Abbas said he has agreed in recent talks with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to exchange West Bank land Israel wants to keep in a final peace deal with an equal amount of Israeli land. This would allow Israel to annex the West Bank area where the settlement blocs are located.

As part of the proposal, Abbas offered Olmert about two percent of the West Bank, the aides said. Olmert is seeking some 6-8% of the West Bank, but has said the exact amount of territory should be decided in future negotiations. The aides spoke on condition of anonymity since they were not authorized to discuss sensitive diplomatic matters with the media.

In exchange for the West Bank land, Israel is reportedly considering transferring to the Palestinians a strip of area between the Gaza Strip and West Bank to allow for a connection between them.

Abbas said the joint statement at the conference must deal with the main hurdles preventing a final peace agreement.

“The international conference must include the six major issues that are Jerusalem, refugees, borders, settlements, water and security,” Abbas said.

Juice readers.

Do you think this latest attempt of negotiation will result in a Palestinian state?

Note: In a desire for peace Israel returned more than 90 percent of the territories it conquered in the Six Day war. At this stage do you feel that Israel will risk their public safety by this latest land for peace summit?

While many in America and Europe support the concept of a two-state solution, do you think it will happen in this new round of peace talks?

Will extremists of “both” sides sign up to this land for peace compromise?

Does PA President Mahmoud Abbas have the power to stop terrorist attacks by Abu Nidal, Hamas and Hezbollah whose main objective is the destruction of Israel and the Jewish People?

As many have stated, including Allan Dershowitz, “the very idea of a Palestinian statehood alongside a Jewish state has itself been a tactic–a first step–toward the elimination of Israel.”

To me the Palestinian tactic is simple. It’s like the expression of how do you eat an elephant. “One bite at a time.”

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