Yet another bar to open in downtown Santa Ana

The OC Weekly published a very one-sided story this week about a group of 25 year old skateboarders who are opening yet another bar in Santa Ana. The article ripped my co-blogger, Sean Mill, who, as a member of the Santa Ana Planning Commission, had a lot of qualms about the bar, which is going to be called the “Crosby.”

It does not appear that the OC Weekly bothered to get Mill’s side of the story, so I am going to speak up on his behalf.

Firstly, why in the world are 25 year old adult men riding skateboards? That is rather strange. If these “businessmen” want to be taken seriously, they ought to lose the toys and grow up.

The reason Mill had some issues with this bunch of immature “artistes” is that they wanted a liquor license that would permit them to sell alcoholic drinks until two in the morning. The Planning Commission recently refused a request from an El Torito for the same type of license. Why did they play favorites with the skateboarders?

Mill told me that they are friends of the ethically challenged Planning Commissioner Victoria Betancourt. No wonder they got the license they wanted while El Torito did not.

I recently visited the Santa Ana artists’ village during one of their grand openings, or whatever they call it. There were a lot of people there – but I did not see any art being purchased. Instead, the bars and restaurants were packed. But locals told me that this is the case only once a month, the rest of the time the place is a graveyard.

In fact, the other night, at the OCYD Women’s Forum in downtown Santa Ana, Sharon Quirk, the Mayor Pro Tem from Fullerton arrived and promptly left around 7:00 when she said that the audience turn-out wasn’t big enough for her. She missed out on a fun night at the Memphis, where “Drinking Liberally” takes place every Thursday. But let’s face it, folks don’t like coming to Santa Ana – most of the time.

So what do the skateboarders want to do in Santa Ana? According to the OC Weekly, they plan on “serving lunch, helping hipsters get their drink on, showcasing Southern California

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