Just put on a Happy Face!

What a huge let down! We thought for sure that the OC Board
of Supervisors were positioned to make the pivotal call…to
step up and do the right thing. But no, they take the fake
and drag the drab choice onto the stage. What are we talking
about? How about the OC Treasurer, that is supposed to be the
Grand Protector of the citizens funds? Chriss Street stepped
right up to the podium and just let it fly with that famous –
“I’m cool…you cool?” approach!

The Ghost of Larry Craig is slowly raising its ugly head here.
You know….Larry said he was going to resign at the end of
September….now….hey, all the bets are off! Craig is
changing his plea…..to: “How was I to know what I was
signing, I’m just a Senator!?”

So, back to Chriss….making those plans for 2014 already!
When he can run for Moorlach’s seat on the Board of Supervisors!
Wow, we are impressed with his hubris…hard to get that
pompous with just a few months of electedness! But, obviously
…it seems quite doable! Chriss thinks he is the Treasurer
of Orange County…given to him by his dad and mom and all
the rest of us here in the hinterland. He got elected by gosh!
We kept waiting for him to pull a Senator Byrd: “I was elected
by the people of the great State of West Virginia….by God!!!”

Well, Chriss has a few problems with details however. He will
sometime forget stuff…like the truth sometimes. He forgets
to tell people stuff …like all the facts … sometimes! Oh,
but we are just being picky when we should be pulling for our
old pal. Hey, he hasn’t been convicted of even being late for
lunch yet! Chriss even said: “That thing with Ware was pretty
sloppy…but I will fix it up!” In the words of James Bond: “Yes
Doctor NO, but there are so many open items about you….and you
will find that when they come home, this will be a very lonely
little island!” “Aw, Mr. Bond…but an expendable little island
…where I can move on from!”

Politicians are becoming more and more irresponsible! They
blame all their problems on others, take drugs which are either
proscribed or selected and refuse to make decisions that are tough.
Were they always this way, and we just didn’t notice? Well, whether
Moorlach choreographed this little theatre event for the meeting
this morning or not…..the results were less than appealing. Not
even one other Supervisor would 2nd his motion for control over
the OC Treasurer? The whole issue was put off until October 16th,
or beyond…in the interest of “fairness” according to Supervisor
Bates! Yuk! Not very attractive…at all – by any of the other
Supervisors! “The appearance” that Chriss has the goods on all
the Supervisors….comes to mind.

Oh well, it’s only politics…what happens to our cash in the
County and whether or not it will survive the current world
financial sub-prime meltdown…..is above the Supervisors pay
grade. So, we suppose that even if all the wheels come off….
will it really be or could it all be Chriss’s fault? But is
that really the issue here? How about Honor, Duty, County? We
cannot expect much though…now can we? This is just one of
those elected persons…trying to do a good job with limited
experience and limited values! Too bad Moorlach didn’t have
a Brother-in-Law that was out of work…but no, instead he
had to settle for Chriss Street! We will have to Ti-Vo the
meeting in October…it may be one for the books! Welcome
people to the Real OC!

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