Judge says "count the signatures" in the AUHSD

Score one for the good guys! You might recall that the O.C. Department of Education stopped the counting of the signatures on the petitions to remove racist trustee Harald Martin from the Anaheim Union High School Disricct (AUHSD) Board of Education. However, the Times reported today that:

An Orange County Superior Court judge Wednesday said the counting of signatures should continue on petitions aimed at removing an Anaheim schools trustee from office and forcing a special election to fill the post, despite the trustee’s resignation. But another judge will decide Sept. 17 whether the Anaheim Union High School District board can appoint someone to fill the vacant post or, if enough signatures are deemed valid, whether a special election must be scheduled.

A big thank you to Mark Rosen (pictured on the left), an attorney who is also a Garden Grove City Council Member. The Times reported that “Mark Rosen, the attorney representing the signature gatherers, argued that Martin’s resignation should not rob voters of their right to call an election.”

And the Judge decided Rosen was right.

Now we will have to await the next decision on Sept. 17 to see if the voters in the AUHSD will be able to select a replacement for the odious Martin. Hopefully justice will prevail again.

In the meantime, please do not forget to vote in the O.C. Register poll, which is asking the question “What should resigning Anaheim Union High School trustee Harald Martin do now? The only correct answer should be the last one – “Stay away from the district.” Go to this link to vote.

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