Hey..it was OK when I left!

Observations of scandalous conduct got rather pointed
this week. Larry Craig, Senator from Idaho…..has left
the building..or will soon be doing so on September 30th.
Craig finally had to admit that waving your hand under
the stall divider while tapping your foot….could be
considered abhorrent behavior in a Airport Men’s bathroom.
Touching your foot to someone else’s foot after peeking
through the stall door for two minutes is probably not
considered traditional public use of facilities! Some
would call these actions boorish, rude, untoward and
more than adequate reasons for asking Craig to step down
and go back to Boise! Hey, what happened? Larry Craig
was a solid Republican Conservative…wasn’t he? Where
was his Personal Assistant when all this was going on?

Well, maybe Craig had rented “Sleeping with the Enemy”
just too many times. Roll reversals aside..please don’t
make us watch any more of this sickening conduct. Hey,
there may be children in the room! How would we explain
all that to our Godchildren? What? “Grown-up stuff!”?
Getting your hand caught in the Toilet Roll……is very
different than being caught with it in the Cookie Jar! Larry
Craig now joins the growing ranks and list of “politicos with
improprieties”. Craig initially didn’t want to leave his
post of some 25 years. He thought he could explain his way
out of it. He thought his list of friends was longer that
it was. Thank God he got the right phone calls and was forced
to do the right thing. Larry Craig was a great “embarrassment”
to the Republican Party, but now can go home to serve on a
variety of boards and commissions safely in his home state.

Meanwhile, right here in Orange County…we have another
“elected” that seems to believe that they are “above the law”
and above respecting those that put them into office. The
OC Treasurer Chriss Street….doesn’t want all his hard work
“Cleaning up the Treasurer’s Office for $975,000!” to go to
waste! The Daily Pilot now reports Street “thinks” it is
closer to $750,000. All those bright and shiny door knobs
are being polished up, along with a variety of high dollar
furniture and or electrical technology! In the meantime,
Chriss refuses to even consider “stepping down” even in the
face of a OC Public Employee Union Recall effort, the soon to
be stripping of his Investment Duties by the Board of
Supervisors and a variety of Federal and State charges, pending
indictments and having his key endorser and mentor Supervisor
John Moorlach asking him to personally resign for the good of
the County. Street says all “his investments are safe!”
Street says he “is not going to resign because he will be
working with these people for years to come!” Didn’t Bob
Citron say that?

Street has gathered his rose buds, going shoulder to shoulder
with who knows who…and expecting the Citizens that elected him
…”thinking that his election would be a continuation of the
John Moorlach fiscal responsibility program”….to just close
their eyes and hope that everything will work out! What makes
such people? What type of power and political self serving
clout can make one lose sight of basic common sense and human
consciousness? To be concise, the actions of Chriss Street
are not very attractive! There seems to be a lack of humility,
caring or taking responsibility for his own character generated
flaws. Street has chosen the not respectful course of action,
up to this point. It is easy to see, that Street is not going
to find the proper course, based upon his continuing ego
exhibitions, his lack of respect for others or accepting
personal responsibility for any of these events.

But hey, maybe we are expecting too much! Maybe, we just
want those in political life to act responsibly. In a world
loaded with people that “never take responsibility for anything”
…our faint hope is that we can find people to serve the public
…that are responsible! There is an old axiom of Government:
“Hey, it was alright when I left!” Right now, John Moorlach
seems to have a corner on that market! Larry Craig finally did
the right thing. Now how about Chriss Street? Some people just
don’t care how “embarrassing” it gets for others, however!

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