Free speech prevails in Santa Ana, for now

This was a rough week for me and a few of my co-bloggers. We became aware late last week of an effort by some of the members of the Santa Ana City Council to remove us from our City Commission posts because of our work on this blog.

But those Council members got punked when an L.A. Times reporter found out what was going on. She spent the entire week making calls and getting quotes, some damning, from the Council members.

The story was supposed to break today, but mysteriously it either got killed or was moved to tomorrow’s edition of the Times, Orange County edition.

It might be a moot point by now. Council members Vince Sarmiento, Sal Tinajero and Michele Martinez refused to play ball with the rest of the Council and apparently we may survive this little micro storm.

I have no problem being dismissed as a City Commissioner if I am doing a bad job in that regard. But you may ask any of my peers on the Housing and Redevelopment Commission about my performance and I am sure that they will not have anything negative to say.

Gordon and Mill have likewise served in exemplary fashion on their respective city commissions.

Apparently free speech still matters in Santa Ana, at least to a few brave Council members. Kudos to them for making what had to be a difficult stand.

My sources tell me that some folks in our city are very mad at this blog because we have ended a city culture of secrecy. This blog has brought more to light in a few years than any of our local newspapers have in twenty years. And many city leaders don’t like that.

We serve at the pleasure of the council members who appointed us. They may remove us at any time. Until then, I think I can speak for Mill and Gordon when I say that we will continue to work hard as city commissioners to do what is right for the people of Santa Ana.

And as bloggers we will continue to shed light on the corruption that has been a way of life in our city for far too long. If that ends up costing us our commission appointments, then so be it. The truth won’t be silenced anymore, whatever the price.

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