Construction on the most expensive house in Mission Viejo is almost complete

We can all play games with numbers. I say that in calculating data for this brief post.

The number “1040” generally reminds me of the Federal Income Tax form we fill out every year. In this case it represents the price per square foot of the most expensive house under construction in Mission Viejo today. No, it’s not on Lake Mission Viejo or in the custom home area in back of Canyon Crest. Your getting warm, however.

This new house is located off the intersection of Santa Margarita Parkway and Melinda. As it is not inside a gated community you might drive by and check it out. They were working on the roof as I stopped to see it this morning.

The exterior base of the house uses the same or very similar brick material as found at our city library.

This $1,040 per square foot house measures only 20 feet wide and 21 feet deep.
Oh. I need to point out that this is our city CIP #308 has a budget of $437,000. It’s our latest “out house” located at Melinda Park. Another illustration of our fiscal conservative majority caving into to the design approved by one of more city managers for this new addition.

Now you know the whole story.

How expensive are your city’s “out houses”?

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