California adopting major climate change proposals

Ready or not – the California Air Resource Board (CARB) is proposing a number of measures that will “cut the state’s global warming emissions within the next 2 1/2 years,” according to the L.A. Times.

I have been on the CARB email list for years, since I worked in the refinery business and was in charge of obtaining CARB permits on equipment for a contractor. I received an email from them yesterday stating that “ARB Chairman Mary Nichols will make a major announcement at the Society of Environmental Journalists Conference at Stanford University on Friday, Sept. 7 regarding an Air Resources Board staff proposal to triple the set of early action measures as part of the state?s implementation of AB32. “

This is something you will all want to pay attention to, as the CARB measures are going to affect all of us. CARB has set up a web page dedicated to this issue. You can also sign up to receive climate change emails.

CARB is taking these measures in order to comply with A.B. 32, “California’s landmark global warming law requires that emissions be reduced to 1990 levels over the next 13 years, a challenge that will require massive changes in many industries, including automotive and electrical power.”

There were “three measures adopted by the board in June: a low-carbon fuel standard, improvements in auto air-conditioner maintenance and methane capture from landfills.”

The current “proposals include retrofitting trucks, reducing pollution in computer manufacturing and requiring car owners to keep their tires properly inflated. Altogether, they would cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2.8 million metric tons a year, an early dent in the 174 million metric tons that must be slashed by the year 2020.”

CARB “said it also would act soon on an additional five measures that would make cement plants more energy efficient, require cement to be blended with other materials, prevent trucks from idling at rest stops, recover refrigerants — including hydrofluorocarbons — and study how to reduce fertilizer emissions. “

“So far, counting other agency initiatives — including a ban on utilities’ purchase of electricity from out-of-state coal-fired plants — the state is on track to reduce greenhouse gases by more than 36 tons a year by 2020, more than a fifth of the total required under the law.”

The State of California also has set up a new “Climate Change Portal.” This website acts as a clearing house for information about what Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s administration is up to regarding climate change.

The Liberal OC put up a post this week about how the Arctic could be iceless by 2030. It is disturbing information. I don’t know if there is anything to the global warming concept, but why shouldn’t we take steps to clean the air?

Honestly, the best thing we could do would be to STOP buying China’s junk. China, moreso than ANY other country is utterly ruining the environment. They are opening coal fired power plants every single week. Their rivers are chock full of chemicals. Their deserts are expanding at an alarming rate. Their dust cloud is in the jet stream and is already affecting our climate here in North America.

I am so disgusted with what China is doing that I plan to ignore their 2008 Summer Olympics as my own personal protest. Even with all the measures that CARB is undertaking, we are essentially putting water in a bucket full of holes. The only way we will make a true impact will be to stop China from ruining our world…

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