Arellano breaks open coverup of molestations by O.C. Catholic priests

Don’t miss Gustavo Arellano’s powerful story about molestations and cover-ups by Orange County Catholic priests, in this week’s edition of the OC Weekly. Arellano focuses on Monsignor John Urell in particular.

Urell’s name ought to sound familiar. O.C. Supervisor Bill Campbell nominated him for the O.C. Human Relations board last year. Not good! And Red County/OC Blog editor Matt Cunningham supported the move, because Urell is, or at least was, his pastor. Both Campbell and Cunningham said that, in essence, Urell was a good guy.

But Arellano proves beyond a doubt that Urell is anything but a good guy. It turns out that Urell is a guy who WON’T come clean about what happened on his watch. He was heavily involved in covering up multiple molestations. The paper trail is absolutely damning in that regard.

Major kudos to Arellano for putting this all together.

I don’t know what Cunningham and Campbell are saying about Urell now, but I can only hope that they will change their minds when they read what Arellano wrote.

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