A Republican Bill Clinton!

Ok, before everyone goes ballistic…let us explain
what we are talking about here. Fast Freddy Thompson
or Fred with the Red Pick-up, or Frederick Dalton
Thompson…or the guy in “The Hunt for Red October”!
Or the guy on “Law and Order”! Or the guy that is
born on Bill Clinton’s birthday – August 19th!

Holy cow folks… can you actually believe that the
Republican Party has had to clone another Bill Clinton
to run against Hillary? This is starting to get silly.

First off, Fred refuses to mix it up with the lower
level candidates..(anyone that showed up for the
New Hampshire debates last night!)…and went on to
Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. What seemed so silly was
that all he did was expose everyone to the fact that
“he was running for President” and “he would do a much
better job of implementing President Bush’s foreign
policy.” We kept waiting for the other shoe to drop
and finally it did….when Fast Freddy mentioned that
“it is a lot harder to get on Jay Leno…than it is to
be at the New Hampshire debate!” Wow, we were so
impressed that Fred could use that Clinton card with
impunity! “I did not have debate with those people…!”

So, here we go again….we now have a real Clintonian
Republican Candidate. We are pretty sure that Fast Freddy
will definitely be supportive of cloning! We doubt he will
say much about Healthcare that doesn’t include Health and
Pensions for all! We kept waiting for Fred to bring out
the saxophone! Maybe next time on MTV! We know Fred will
soon be seeking the younger I-Pod set and even went so far
as launching his Presidency last night with an introductory
15 minute RSS file from his website: http://www.fred08.com/
or http://www.fred08.com/index.aspx

OK…the days of the Clintonian Republicanism are here! In
the meantime however – we are going to stay the course with
Rudy Uber Alles!

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