Yucky feet at John Wayne Airport?

George Collins, the editor of Santa Ana Insight, travels extensively while he goes about making the travel films that keep him in business. He noticed the other day that Orange County’s John Wayne Airport does not supply disposable booties to travelers who are required to take off their footwear while going through security. Collins found this to be gross and a possible exposure to microbial pathogens.

So Collins protested to the Orange County Health Department, and later to federal transportation officials at the TSA and of course he got the runaround.

But he has a point. You can catch athlete’s foot, a fungal infection, by walking around barefoot in public places. Most of us wear socks with our shoes, but many ladies don’t, and guys wearing sandals or flip-flops also don’t wear socks. Some guys even wear tennis shoes or loafers without socks. All of them can be exposed to athlete’s foot by walking barefoot at the airport.

You can also develop a nasty condition called verrucae, by walking barefoot in public places. “Verrucae are caused by the human papiloma virus (HPV). This virus is very contagious, but can only be caught by direct contact. “

Another infection you can develop by walking barefoot in public places is Onychomycosis. It is a fungal infection of the toenail.

I am astounded that the TSA is not making disposable foot booties available at John Wayne Airport. You can read more about their shoe screening policy at this link. You can email the TSA about this or call them at 866-289-9673. Or you can register a complaint online.

You can also email your comments and suggestions to officials at John Wayne Airport. There is also an Orange County Airport Commission. You can email them or call them at (949) 252-5237. According to their website, “The Orange County Airport Commission makes recommendations to the Orange County Board of Supervisors for development, maintenance and operation of John Wayne Airport and other airports which may be operated by the County of Orange. It advises the Board of Supervisors and makes recommendations on any matter pertaining to airports or air transportation. It also conducts investigations as it may deem necessary in the exercise of the powers enumerated above.”

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