Was US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resignation timed to defend OC Treasurer Chris Street?

Monday August 27, 2007 12:30 p.m.

It surely is not a slow news day today. As I drove to a breakfast meeting I heard that US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales submitted his resignation to President Bush with less than three weeks notice. Among other issues he has taken a lot of heat for the firing of nine US State Attorney’s. Some in Congress were questioning his honesty and competence.

Shift gears to Orange County where former Treasurer, Supervisor John Moorlach has asked Treasurer/Tax Collector Chris Street to do the right thing and step down.

As I just returned from a 90 minute seat in the dentist chair in Central County I will not return to Santa Ana for the 1 p.m. Press Conference to see if Chris Street will follow Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and put the best interests of the County above his own personal interests. If not than I fully support the idea of clipping his wings and removing his control of the multi billion investment pool.

Just like the Attorney General, Chris Street has a large black cloud over his office that goes way past the million dollar remodel. His honesty and integrity appear to be questionable. When in doubt, we must protect the taxpayers. As written in the Purpose driven Life, the first four words apply here. “It’s not about you.”

Chris Street cannot deny that John Moorlach and many Republican activists, elected officials and party leaders in Orange County went to bat for him in the last election. Where is his recognition of our investment in his golden opportunity to serve in a very key county position.

If he chooses not to resign what are your thoughts about Treasurer Chris Street and his future role in the County?

In jest. Will Phil Greer relinquish the number one chair to Alberto Gonzales?

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