Trade in your surface-to-air missile launcher. No questions asked

With over 100 murders in the greater Orlando area last year the police department created this eight year ongoing program where you never know what to expect. The story in today’s Orlando Sentinel might be one that our sheriff or the chief of the Santa Ana PD might check out. The article reads in part:
“No questions asked, right?” asked one man, who questioned the promise of anonymity for everyone turning in a gun.
“Absolutely,” said deputies, who described the fellow as looking like an old biker.
Moments later, he returned with a plastic bag and extracted what deputies described as a portable crime scene worth a five-year mandatory minimum sentence in federal prison. The homemade 40 shot assault pistol turned out tobe a cut-down rifle with an illegal short barrel. That would scare the pants off you said sheriff’s Commander Al Rollins..

Later in the story Orlando police detective Barb Bergin said “the program is a huge success.” She later added that “clearly some of the guns we took off the street today were not for sport or self protection. Those sawed-off shot guns were clearly for committing crimes.”

This year 310 weapons were taken off local streets.

You can watch a video of the citizens turning in their weapons at

Back to my headline. The four foot shoulder fired rocket launcher was turned in by a man in exchange for a pair of Reebok sneakers for his daughter. Others received a $50 gift certificate for each weapon turned in.

While I support the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms there is nothing wrong with this type of program if it is voluntary, no questions asked, and leads to a reduction of criminal activity.

OK Juicers. What’s your take on this story?

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