Schwarzenegger finally beats GOP Senate pollitos

The O.C. Blogosphere is abuzz over the news reported at the Register’s website, that the state budget crisis is apparently over. You can read it about it at the Liberal OC and at Red County/OC Blog.

My sources tell me that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger got his way when he started to visit the districts of the holdout Republican Senators. In this game of high-stakes chicken, they veered off the road.

And then Schwarzenegger turned around and bailed out the bankrupt California Republican Party – just to remind them that he is their only hope. How do you think they liked THAT?

I thought the GOP holdout went far too long. The legislature was late with the budget to begin with. The Reeps in the Assembly then voted for it before Dick Ackerman and his pollos got behind the wheel and dared Arnold to blink. In the end, he got his way and they just looked stupid.

If the Republicans want to increase their number they need to get behind independent redistricting. And they need to stop recruiting axe-wielding Troglodytes. The people of California do not necessarily agree with the tax and spend Democrats, but they certainly don’t want candidates who are going to focus on social issues. The current crop of Republicans is stale and ready to be tossed in the trash bin. It is time for new blood in a party that is slowing becoming extinct in California.

And they better stop bashing immigrants. Latinos today have almost no reason to join the elephant party…and Latino voters in the future won’t think twice about going blue.

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