Santa Ana focuses on signs while city crumbles in disrepair

The O.C. Register today ripped the City of Santa Ana for their ridiculous actions against so-called “human signs.” I applaud the editorial department at the Register for joining us in taking Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and his Council puppets to task for attacking these workers instead of dealing with the real problems in our city.

Here are a few excerpts:

There’s something perverse about the city of Santa Ana’s decision to file criminal charges against those folks who are paid to stand along the road and hold large signs pointing drivers to various businesses. City officials, who are notoriously negligent in dealing with Santa Ana’s crumbling infrastructure, believe that private sign holders are posing a grave threat to the city’s quality of life.

The city’s sign crackdown is driven by the same perspective that has caused it to crack down on homeless shelters, pay telephones, street vendors and Mexican-food trucks. As OC Weekly’s Gustavo Arellano recently wrote, “The root of the problem is that Santa Ana is governed by people who don’t want to accept the immigrant magnet where they live.” City officials want Santa Ana to be an upscale tourist destination and business/government hub, and too often over the years have put their priorities in flashy gentrification projects rather than in improving neighborhoods for the people who actually live there.

Other local cities embrace the same approach. Garden Grove is fixated on big redevelopment projects because of Anaheim-envy. Irvine officials wish their city were more urbanized, so they push for high-density construction and public transportation. City officials in Santa Ana and elsewhere need to accept the character of their cities, focus on their basic responsibilities (crime prevention, infrastructure maintenance, etc.) and leave the public (and the sign holders) alone.

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