Protest against Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez was a "pendejada"

I am still confused as to why a bunch of anti-war protesters decided to get themselves arrested at Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez’ office. The story is not new at this point – the protest happened on Tuesday. However, it does bear further scrutiny, IMHO.

You can read about the protest and the arrest of said protesters at the Times and the O.C. Register. The Liberal O.C. did a fantastic job of covering this as well – and their post includes a long thread with comments from some of the activists involved in the protest. I also borrowed their picture for this post.

Red County/OC Blog covered it too.

Personally I think these protesters are completely nuts. Why target Sanchez, who has been mostly friendly to them and their issues? Most of these people live in south Orange County – you would think they would turn on Congressman John Campbell, not Sanchez.

As Northcountystorm pointed out at the Liberal O.C. thread, would they be happier with Congressman Van Tran instead of Sanchez? Good grief – talk about counterintuitive!

Sanchez is easy to pick on. She is a moderate Democrat. She is cushy with defense contractors. But when she votes to spend money on building planes for the military, she is saving union jobs! Don’t these hippies get it?

Do they need directions to Campbell’s office? What about the other GOP congressmen in the O.C.? Couldn’t they protest at Gary Miller’s office? Or Ed Royce’s office? Or Dana Rohrabacher’s office? Why pick on Sanchez?

This is why the Democrats have not advanced further in Orange County. They need to get their whack job extremists in line and focus on taking out the Reeps, not each other.

These protesters ought to be contributing to the effort to take out racist AUHSD Trustee Harald Martin instead of getting themselves arrested while protesting at a fellow Democrat’s office. But that might actually make them useful, which would run counter to their usual activities…

Don’t get me wrong – I think invading Iraq was stupid and Rumsfeld should have been fired a lot sooner. But protesting the war at Sanchez’ office was completely moronic. It was a pendejada.

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