High school dropouts are costing the state BILLIONS

A reader sent me an article about how high school dropouts are draining the state, according to a new study. I am enclosing the story below as it is quite short. Looks like the continued ineptitude at the Santa Ana Unified School District has become a burden for the entire state!

I don’t blame the teachers. The blame goes to the horrible school board, the Superintendent and her bumbling administration, and Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, who campaigned to get the board majority elected. His friend Rob Richardson, the board president, in particular is responsible for this disaster. Read on…

California’s high school dropouts are costing the state billions of dollars in lost earnings, tax revenue, medical costs and other government expenditures, according to a study released yesterday.

Every year about 120,000 Californians turn 20 without a high school diploma, the study says. Over a lifetime, that group will cost the state $46.4 billion, mainly in lost earnings.

The same group also costs taxpayers $3.1 billion in lost state and local tax revenues, and $3.5 billion in health care, $2.5 billion in crime and $400 million in welfare costs, or about $9.5 billion over a lifetime, according to the California Dropout Research Project at the University of California Santa Barbara.

A high school graduate, meanwhile, earns an average of $290,000 more during a lifetime and pays $100,000 more in taxes than a dropout, the study says.

The study’s authors said the state would realize a

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