What concerns you more. Political candidates who use their own $ Vs those who accept Special Interest & PAC $?

Over the past few days I have received emails from various campaigns listing candidate endorsements, policy positions or fundraising status based on periodic filings with the appropriate government bodies. Today’s Sac Bee has a report entitled “rookies padding election coffers.” In that report it mentions the race to replace Todd Spitzer, my 71st AD Assembly member. While Carona mayor pro-tem Jeff Miller has raised the most money to date, what’s wrong with Rancho Santa Margarita councilman Neil Blais kicking in some of his own money to partially fund his campaign? Readers might also question the role of Republican strategist Dave Gilliard in this race. Does his firm have any connection to any of the candidates? That involvement, if one exists, is not included in the Sac Bee story.

And where is any reference to Mission Viejo Vice Mayor John Paul Ledesma who early on threw his hat into the same arena? Or any reference to Irvine City Councilman Steven Choi, Ph.D who also announced his desire to seek this office?

When I first ran for city council I did not wish to accept money from any outside source to put to rest that I had an obligation to any special interest. There have been other candidates in Mission Viejo who used the same financing philosophy.

One thing you can say for those who kick in sizable sums is that they have demonstrated a financial commitment to the race. Sadly, the larger the District, the more money you need to reach out to the electorate to send your message.

Juice readers. Back to the headline of this post.
Do you have a problem with those who can raise private money over those who use their own when running for elected office?

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