Villaraigosa gets booed while welcoming David Beckham

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was loudly booed yesterday while introducing soccer star David Beckham at the Home Depot center in Carson.

Mayoral spokesman Matt Szabo said, according to the Daily News, that “the mayor is an avid fan of Chivas USA – rival of the Los Angeles Galaxy. “He’s been booed before by Galaxy fans.”

You can hear the boos for yourself at this link.

The Associated Press also reported on the embarrassing reception:

“When the mayor was introduced, the crowd estimated at 5,000 turned on him with jeers and howls as if he was a member of an opposing team, while the moment was recorded by a vast array of international media.” “Despite the racket, Villaraigosa maintained his signature smile and slipped on a Galaxy jersey. But he was all but ignored by the fans when he shouted, “Do we love David Beckham?” When the mayor took the podium, someone in the crowd shouted, “Is your girlfriend covering this?”

The mayor ignored the jab, but it triggered laughter in the crowd.


Villaraigosa was also the butt of jokes again on the Tonight Show, after getting booed, according to the LA Observer blog:

“We have a very special crowd here tonight. Every single member of our audience has had an affair with an elected official. How about that?

Boy, there are a lot of sex scandals in the news this week. It’s unbelievable. Our own mayor here in Los Angeles, has admitted to having an affair with a very young, very attractive reporter from the Spanish language network…whose job it was to cover him. She was supposed to cover him. Talk about being an embedded reporter. Man! Takes on a whole new meaning.

But I guess the mayor got some good news today. He got a big endorsement from “In ‘n Out.”

And on the Republican side, the darling of the religious right, conservative senator David Vitter of Louisiana, has not only admitted to having sex with prostitutes, he would pay them $300 to make him wear diapers. Today that crazy astronaut, called him “my dream guy. He’s got my vote. Where have you been?”

Today, Vitter put out a statement say that he only started to cheat on his wife after he began hanging out with the wrong crowd-you know, Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, the mayor of L.A.”

And the news gets even worse for Villaraigosa, according to the FLAP blog:

“KNBC television channel 4 is reporting this morning that Mirthala Salinas bought the condominium from one of Mayor Villaraigosa

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